Hey NRA, Pull NY Rep Kathy Hochul’s NRA Endorsement

Hey NRA, Pull Kathy Hochul’s NRA Endorsement
Hey NRA, Pull Kathy Hochul’s NRA Endorsement
New York 2nd Amendment Coalition
New York 2nd Amendment Coalition

New York –-(Ammoland.com)- Two years ago Governor Cuomo forced an anti-gun bill (the misnamed “SAFE” act) through the NY legislature.

This unSAFE act violated your civil rights, banned popular sporting rifles, put in place ammunition background checks, illegally limited magazines to 7 rounds, violated due process rights with intrusive mental health reporting, and instituted various other rules repugnant to the constitution.

New Yorkers did not stay silent. We fought back. New grassroot organizations like the New York 2nd Amendment coalition (NY2A) formed and began fighting for your civil rights. Existing pro-2A organizations gained strength.

Now Cuomo is scared! That’s why he picked Kathy Hochul as his running mate . . . he knows the anti-gun SAFE act could kill his campaign so he tried to deceive you by picking a lieutenant governor with an NRA endorsement and A rating from a congressional campaign in 2012.

Of course, Cuomo would never pick someone who actually would stand up for your rights.

Asked if she supported the SAFE Act, Hochul said: “Yes ,I do.”

Democrats have confirmed that she was chosen in hope you would be deceived by her NRA endorsement:

“I think she helps with his support upstate and in Western New York where he was damaged a lot by the SAFE Act,” said Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, a Buffalo Democrat.

“That’s probably a factor in all of this,” Rep. Brian Higgins, an Erie County Democrat, said of Hochul’s cordial relations with gun groups that continue to fight the SAFE Act. “She’s an upstate voice, including on this issue.”

“Ok”, you’re probably thinking, “it’s pretty straightforward, surely the NRA has publically dropped their endorsement by now?”

Sadly, NO they have not.

So if you and I are serious about protecting our Second Amendment rights in New York, it’s absolutely critical we start fighting back NOW.

That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your petition requesting the NRA repudiate its A rating of Kathy Hochul TODAY.

It’s critical you and I understand the stakes couldn’t be higher. We have ONE CHANCE to turn around New York and protect our second amendment rights

This year is the governor election, we cannot be idle and allow people to be deceived by the NRA endorsement — especially now that her true colors have been revealed!

Remember, Kathy Hochul has stressed that she supports the measure “100 percent.” The NRA endorsement cannot be allowed to stand.

That’s why your signed Repeal Kathy Hochul’s NRA Endorsement petition and your generous financial support for the New York 2nd Amendment Grassroots Coalition TODAY are so critical.

As you may know, NY2A is a leader in the fight against the UnSAFE Act – the absurd, unconstitutional and economically damaging legislation rammed through the state Legislature in January 2013. We have organized and assisted with various efforts across the state: protests against individual senators, assemblymen and Gov. Andrew Cuomo himself; educational forums; and voter registration drives.

We have publicly hounded the governor and his minions from Montauk to Buffalo and Plattsburgh to Binghamton. We have engaged a news media that is often hostile to the Second Amendment.

Now we are entering a new stage in the fight – direct political campaign action. In addition to the exciting governor’s race, we will target members of the State Senate and Assembly who voted for the UnSAFE Act and champion candidates vying to replace them. Our strategy will combine grassroots volunteerism with a smart marketing campaign to steer resources to legislative districts with tough electoral fights.

To meet these goals, please consider contributing to NY2A Victory Fund.

The NY2A Victory Fund is a registered campaign committee with the New York State Board of Elections. We will only support candidates who will defend Second Amendment rights and defeat those anti gun extremists who voted for the NY UnSAFE Act. Your donation will fund lawn signs, campaign literature, billboards and radio advertisements in key areas of the state.

Contributions may be made online at www.ny2a.org.

If possible, please take action before July 1, 2014, so we can be of the greatest benefit to the candidates mounting a challenge.

Together, we can help our candidates roll back the UnSAFE Act and defend against further infringement on our civil rights.

As you know — especially with the gun-grabbers already preparing for the next gun grab in NY — it’s not a battle you and I can put off.

Kicking the can down the road means sure defeat.

Aren’t you SICK-AND-TIRED of watching Cuomo and the NY legislature SHRED our U.S. Constitution?

I am!

But I’m counting on you to join me.

Best Regards
Jake Palmeteer
NY2A Victory Fund

About New York 2nd Amendment Coalition

The NY2A Grassroots Coalition is exactly what our name implies: we are a coalition of grassroots organizations committed to defeating the NY SAFE Act and the legislators who voted for it! We are a mechanism for grassroots groups across New York to share ideas and coordinate efforts because we are more effective if we are working together. Below is a list of groups who are part of our coalition.

Is your group actively working to support the 2nd Amendment and fight back against the NY SAFE Act? Let us know if your group wants to join NY2A!  And be sure to personally join in this fight by submitting your contact information on the home page!

NY2A Grassroots Coalition Information:
Group: www.facebook.com/groups/NY2Agrassroots
Page: www.facebook.com/NY2Agrassroots
Website: www.NY2Agrassroots.com
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @NY2Agrassroots

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Years of his anti-gun votes tell his story. Vote the bastard out!!!