Custom Ivory Handled Bowie Knife to be Auctioned to Fight Domestic Ivory Ban

Custom Ivory Handled Bowie Knife to be Auctioned to Fight Domestic Ivory Ban
Custom Ivory Handled Bowie Knife to be Auctioned to Fight Domestic Ivory Ban

Gilbert, AZ –-( Knife Rights is auctioning off “Standing Our Ground,” a custom-made collaboration bowie knife with a scrimshawed ivory handle  ( ) to raise funds to oppose the Administration’s latest fiasco, an attempt to retroactively ban the domestic sale and trade in legal pre-ban ivory (meaning it arrived prior to the import bans of 1975 and 1990).

This ban will render virtually all currently legal ivory in the country, including any item with even the smallest bit of ivory decoration, illegal to sell unless unrealistic and virtually impossible documentation is provided, thereby “taking” billions of dollars of investments from millions of Americans. Despite the high cost to honest Americans, not a single living elephant will be saved, and it may possibly cause an increase in the slaughter.

Knife Rights, along with a coalition of 31 other organizations, is working to stop this onerous and irrational ban and roll the rules back to what they were prior to February of this year, rules that have worked successfully for decades. 100% of all funds generated from this auction will go to Knife Rights to be used to oppose the ivory ban and to prevent increased poaching of elephants.

Knife Rights’ most recent letter to the Advisory Council opposing the Ivory Ban can be found at:

Standing Our Ground was created through a collaboration of American artisans who generously donated their skills, services and materials:

  • Mark Knapp – Concept & Organization
  • Gary House, Master Smith – Hand Forged Twisted Damascus
  • Bill Burke, Master Smith – Blade Forging & Grinding
  • Don Hanson III, Master Smith – Ivory Handle, Guard & Spacer
  • Boone Trading Co. – Documented Pre-Ban Elephant Ivory
  • Linda Karst Stone – Scrimshaw
  • Paul Long – Sheath
  • Jim Cooper – Photography
  • – Auction Services

Additional details, including more stunning photography (including high resolution images), as well as work-in-progress photographs, can be found at:

Anyone interested in bidding on Stand Our Ground can do so at: The auction ends on June 24, 2014.

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