May/June 2014 Issue of The Police Marksman is Now Available Online

The Police Marksman
The Police Marksman
The Police Marksmans
The Police Marksman

Deerfield, IL -( The Mar/Apr 2014 issue of The Police Marksman is now available online at Police Marksman from Hendon Media Group.

This issue’s “Bullseye” focuses on eye protection with reviews of the Crossfire shooting glasses with built in magnification for seeing up close and SafeVision, LLC’s process of ordering prescription shooting glasses over the internet.

Warren Wilson explains why plainclothes assignments do not mean you shouldn’t try to carry as much of your patrol gear as you can.

Duane Wolfe “Sights in On” understanding bullet performance and explains why physics are scientific laws that cannot be broken. Also, the frangible Kaviar 26L 12 gauge slugs imported by Century International Arms are tested and found to be equally at home at the range or on the street.

This month’s Course of Fire is a carbine/rifle low light/darkness qualification.

Gun reviews include the Sig Sauer P226 SAO (single action only) and STI’s 5.0 Tactical pistols. Both are cocked and locked single actions that differ from standard 1911s.

Brian McKenna’s “Officer Down” column discusses the Kyle Dinkheller incident in forensic detail with insight only McKenna can provide.

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The Police Marksman continues its mission of being “by cops, for cops” and helping to keep officers safe with information they can really use.