Capcom Announces ‘Monster Hunter 4’ The Latest in Their Big-Game Hunting Franchise

By Justin Stakes

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
The Ultimate Big-Game Hunting Experience
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA -( For those of us that appreciate shooting and hunting in the simulated realm as much as the tangible world of the shooting range and great outdoors, the Japanese developer and publisher of video games Capcom just recently announced the new series in their big-game hunting franchise titled Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Capcom is a game developer that is well known for creating multi-million-dollar classics such as Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and the ultimate big-game hunting series Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the latest and what looks to be its greatest installment in the Big-Game Hunting series which involves the player to take on the role of a hunter to explore new lands and settlements along the way.

This ostentatious adventure will include hundreds of journeys and quests for players to take on while hunting and discovering a variety of extraordinary creatures that yield valuable resources used for weapons and equipment.

According to Capcom, “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will take players to new heights, literally, with the introduction of more vertical and lateral movement than ever.”

The statement is referring to the new combat system they have implement in order to expand the repertoire of a players’ actions and produce a more dynamic hunting experience with the inclusion of a solid climbing system with the ability to attack while jumping from walls, ledges and other platforms.

The developer has finally added the ability for players to be able to ride atop and hang onto a monster for a restricted amount of time as they deliver attacks to the beast. With the addition of two new weapon classes, challenging new monsters and numerous locales, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate seems like it might deliver one of the most robust online hunting experiences yet.

I’ve had a personal love for this series from the time when I was a teenager playing the first installment offered by Capcom on the original PlayStation home console.

Not only does the Monster Hunter series place players in the role of a hunter akin to games like Cabela’s Big Game Hunting and Remington’s Outdoor Adventures but it portrays the lifestyle of hunting through an approach unlike any other. Every aspect of the game from exploring, tracking, trapping, bow-hunting, armament management, crafting ammunition, to using the resources collected from your defeated prey to create new weapons, clothes and armor all compliment one another to create a rather stimulating and colossal hunting experience.

With the month of May over comes a fresh E3; the world’s foremost trade show for everything from computer and video games and all other interrelated products, and a few prominent big-game hunting and shooting games.

Hunting and outdoor enthusiast’s alike can find out more this week when E3 2014 hits the Los Angeles Convention in California.

Justin Stakes
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