President Chris Christie?

By Alan Caruba
(Editors Note; While not an out right friend of the Second Amendment Governor Christie has remained on the sidelines, 2A supporters are waiting to see what he does with two oppressive gun control bills that are waiting his signature.)

Governor Christie
President Chris Christie?
Alan Caruba
Column by Alan Caruba

New Jersey –-( A fatal crash on the George Washington Bridge this morning caused major backups, trapping commuters for up to three hours and stalling traffic back to the Garden State Parkway and other highways leading to the bridge.

After Gov. Chris Christie spent two hours answering every question reporters asked following the revelation that an aide—whom he fired immediately—had engineered a comparable problem I had no problem believing he had nothing to do with it.

I am New Jersey born and raised, and I have lived here most of my life with time out to attend the University of Miami in Florida and Army service in Georgia. I have traveled all over the U.S., but I always was happy to come home to a little town, a suburb of Newark where I was born.

These days I live one town over, having sold my home of more than 60 years because the property taxes here are for many of my generation a burden,

I tell you this because Gov, Chris Christie’s life has a number of connections to my own. He too was born in Newark and his father, like mine, was a certified public accountant. A 1984 graduate of Delaware, he earned his law degree from Seton Hall University School of Law in the community where I have lived for a decade.

Like many in the Garden State I became aware of Christopher James “Chris” Christie when he served as a United States Attorney, appointed to the position by George W. Bush in 2002 and serving until 2008. During that time, he amassed an impressive record of convictions with an emphasis on corrupt politicians along with sexual slavery, arms trafficking, racketeering by gangs, and other federal crimes.

In January 2009 he declared his candidacy for Governor and, in November, he defeated incumbent Jon Corzine who, like his predecessors, had driven up taxes while never really solving the state’s budget problems. In his first term, Gov. Christie drove a number of hard bargains with the state’s civil service unions, primarily the teachers union. When he won reelection to a second term in November 2013, he became the first Republican to earn more than fifty percent of the vote in a quarter-century.

New Jersey is a blue state, heavily Democratic politically, and his reelection quite naturally made Republicans nationwide take notice. He is also a very savvy politician and not one to make every decision along strict ideological grounds. ccc

In his first term he achieved a remarkably good working relationship with the state’s Democratic legislature. After Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey n 2012, wreaking heavy damage to shore communities, he was quite visible in the company of President Obama when he paid a visit when he was also campaigning for reelection. That paid off in significant federal funds to help rebuild. Christie agreed to expand the state’s Medicaid problem under Obama’s health law. He vetoed a bill that would sanction gay marriage, but declined to appeal a court ruling that legalized it.

Like other Governors in states with Democratic legislatures, Christie inherited massive budget deficits. In his first term he bargained with the New Jersey Education Association and the Communications Workers of America, two of a dozen civil service unions, to increase their members’ payments toward pensions and medical benefits, but in turn they won bigger payments by the state into their troubled retirement fund.

Faced with yet another budget gap, Gov. Christie proposed taking $2.4 billion meant for the pension system in order to achieve a balanced budget because, as he said, there is nowhere else to find the money other than to raise taxes or reduce spending for schools or hospitals. He bluntly said that the state cannot afford the level of benefits it provides public workers. As this is written, fourteen unions for teachers, police officers, firefighters and state workers have filed lawsuits to stop Christie’s transfer of funds to the budget.

In January “bridgegate” erupted when it became known that one of his aides had apparently urged highway lane closures to the George Washington Bridge as political retribution against a Democratic mayor who did not endorse him for re-elections. In response he devoted two hours to a press conference in which he answered every question, denying any knowledge of the aide’s action and, to date, hearings by the state legislature have been unable to connect him personally to it. The Democratic Party and liberal media saw it as an opportunity to eliminate him as a potential presidential candidate in 2016.

Bridgegate” is losing traction and is not likely to play a role in any decision he makes to run for President. The cost of defending himself and members of his administration has cost New Jersey taxpayers $3 million in legal fees at this point. In a hearing, Christie’s chief of staff deemed it “a major distraction.”

Conversely, he has remained very popular within the Republican Party, despite ideological divisions. He is currently chairman of the Republican Governors Association, giving him regular access to some of the Party’s leading national donors. He is a welcome speaker at many GOP conferences.

To the question, will he announce his candidacy for the presidency, he remains uncommitted to the decision and, at this point, that’s a wise course of action. Christie has, in his usual blunt fashion, said of any suggestion that being from a northeastern state, “I hear people all the time saying, ‘You wouldn’t play well in the South’ or ‘You wouldn’t play well in Iowa’—It’s all garbage.”

“In the end,” says Christie, “people like people who are genuine and who are real. I think they’re willing to cut you slack even if they don’t agree with you on certain things if they think you’re being genuine and authentic”, adding “I would rather lose than try to pretend to be somebody else.”

Virtually alone among Republicans who might contend for the GOP nomination and the presidency, Gov. Christie is what you see and what you hear. If he does secure the nomination that will be a major factor in 2016 and will guarantee a tough fight for the Democratic candidate.

Would I vote for him? Sure. And I would also be happy to vote for Ted Cruz and Allen West it they were the GOP candidate.

c Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba’s commentaries are posted daily at “Warning Signs” his popular blog and thereafter on dozens of other websites and blogs. If you love to read, visit his monthly report on new books at Bookviews.

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Christie for President is a “big fat NO” (pun intended). The fact of the matter is, if Christie is the only “conservative” choice, I won’t even bother to go to the polls.

J Pyle

and not one word of the issues listed in the article will matter if he does not veto the magazine limit bill on his desk…if that becomes law by signature or by default his primary chances are gone.


@[email protected] you talking AZ conservative like McCain ? McCain is a piece of sh1t and a traitor !


There isn’t a single Arizona conservative I know that would even consider voting for that man.

Robert McKenna

Cristy-Kreme has no business even thinking about a run for president. He is a proven muslim sympathizer and a proven enemy of our 2nd amendment. His State of New Jersey, has some of the most anti-gun laws and they are enforced with the power of Nazi-like State and local police.
All while having some of the most criminally influenced cities in the U.S.
He needs to be written off by America and thrown out by New Jersey.


If that fat slob somehow got the GOP nomination,and it was the fat slob agains’t Billary, I still wouldn’t vote for the fat slob for President ! He would never get the Southern vote,..period ! The GOP has to come up with a ticket that can beat that bitch ! Cruz/Paul,….would be solid !

Dr Dave

Not a chance I am voting for this guy. He might claim to be a conservative Republican but like 90% of the other “supposed” conservative Republicans this is a politician who plays the game to keep his job. The Bridgegate was the final straw. Stand up and say “I didn’t authorize it but since I am the leader I AM responsible for it” THAT is a leader. Leaders LEAD not avoid responsibility. Ben Carson MD has my vote HANDS DOWN! Finally a non-politician he doesn’t even want to run but will if we force him to. Rather then a career… Read more »


I agree with you Alan. The Gov does what he can in a state filled with Obamabots. He vetoed the outlandish anti-gun bills sent him last year and I think he will veto the mag bill. Given the alternatives, I’d vote for him again if he could run. For President? Not my first choice but better than any Dem.


The fat slob is trying to play both ends agains’t the middle !

TSgt B

We need a TRUE CONSERVATIVE, not a pigeyed sack of sh!t RINO. If this butterball held so much influence, and gets along so well with democommies, then why has he not led the fight to restore firearms Rights in his state?


Man when it comes to your right to gun ownership your looking at the wrong man here.

brian winters

You must see Chrystie in light of NJ. NJ republicans prior to Chrystie nominated 2 very strong pro gun candidates for governor and neither got more than 2 or so percent of the vote. These men were savaged by the press as gun nuts and irresponsible and puppets of the nra. Chrystie by nj standards is a good gun governor because he has vetoed legislation to make things worse. That is our standard will he make things worse. If not he is a good gun governor.


You can’t be serious.
Christie is conservative like Mccain, Graham, Boehner, Romney, Jeb Bush, etc. are. The say they are conservative and they talk like a conservative when they are courting conservative voters. But he, just like them, governs like a lilly livered RINO. Christie is NOT conservative, except somewhat fiscally.
How anybody who write on a gun site could support him is laughable.
And conservative votes DO win elections. Failing to get conservative votes LOSES elections. Ask Romney.


Conservative votes don’t win elections, neither do liberal votes. Independent votes win elections.
With the attitude you posters have maybe we should give Obama a 3rd Term, because Hillary is a real Fascists!

And posting derogatory comments just shows us what a RINO really is!

Phergus berger

I left newjerkistan in ’93 because of the blue tide and traitors like christie. That slime corzine needs jailtime for th ebillions he squandered playing banker. To understand newjerkistan is to understand politicians don’t get big ( sorry fo the pun ) there without being corrupt. Too much union skullduggery and good old boy networks that need their wheels greased with cash to make things happen. Everything has a price there around the rotten apple , and too many wealthy liberals willing to pay to play. These same liberals that brought their dogma with them when they left the rotten… Read more »


I will not call him names nor do I think it appropriate for anyone else to do so. That said, he absolutely WILL NOT get the Conservative vote. He is not a Conservative and is not pro-gun. If I or anyone else EVER hear him say he is pro Second Amendment we will be totally justified in calling him a liar.

Ol' Vet

A rino? No, he’s one of the elite, like mcliar, boner and reid. Look at what he’s done to Nu jersie….looks to me like he’s anti-gun, so why would a fella that is supposed to be big in the 2d Amendment business be telling us how good a president he would be. After the entire country laid down for a fraud, muslim, communist, just exactly what would this guy bring to the table? from what I can see, he just barely has one finger of one hand and he’s hanging from a bridge in nu jersie..and he’s slipping. Southern folks… Read more »

Kevin McGonigal

Presently he is refusing to enforce a 2011 law on pensions he himself brokered. He is claiming that his executive power permits him to disallow laws he finds difficult to enforce. That is the very power Obama claims, the right ignore laws he does not like. No thanks. This is bad enough in a Democrat, infuriating in a Republican. If he cannot be trusted to keep his agreements in this pension matter, why trust his word in any other?


I have a better idea. Let’s just make one of the Castro bros president & get going full dictatorship over with already 🙂

Thom Paine

I agree with the other two commenters and think Christie is just another rino . If we dont run a Constitutionalist we dont win . Its that simple….


I Would never vote for him.

jeff martin

Absolutely no to Christie being our next President!!


That fat slob has two chances of becoming President ! Slim and none !