Rahm Emanuel Pushing One-Gun-a-Month Purchase Limit for Chicagoans

By AWR Hawkins

Rahm Emanuel Pushing One-Gun-a-Month Purchase Limit for Chicagoans
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On the heels of his efforts to ban gun stores in “99.5 percent” of Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel now wants to limit Chicagoans to one gun purchase a month.

This push is aimed at “retail firearms customers”–i.e., law-abiding citizens.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel is basing this push on “researchers [who] have found a statistically significant correlation between guns used to commit crimes and guns purchased in bulk.”

A University of Pennsylvania study in 2007 found that “[25 percent] of all guns used in crime were purchased as part of a multiple gun sale.”

This comes on top of Emanuel's efforts to videotape every retail gun transaction–in the .5 percent of Chicago allowed to have gun stores–and to force those gun stores “to submit a safety plan outlining exterior lighting, surveillance cameras and alarm systems, as well as storage of guns and ammunition.” 

He also wants gun store employees to “undergo fingerprinting, background checks and training on identifying potential gun traffickers.”

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  • 5 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel Pushing One-Gun-a-Month Purchase Limit for Chicagoans

    1. It’s almost as if you were to look up the word “idiot” in the dictionary, Rahmbo’s picture would be there as an example.

    2. Brian, since several disctict attorneys have pronounced 1-gun-a-month to apply to inheritance, it alsomeansthat OTHER district attorneys don’t consider such a @#$%^& scheme to be within the logical construct of that law. And most likely, since the person did not seek to buy, but rather reclaim family property adter the death of the owner. no judge will agree to their lunacy.

      Heck, even in Illinois you do not need to have a firearms owners card to take possession of the deceased’s firearms. You only have to get the ID if you intend to keep the guns. Even here, in the land of the political slave, we recognize that inheritance is not a deliberate and conscious act that falls under the regular enforcement of firearms purchase law. I also know of no other state in which the unexpected requires 2.5 years. It usually has it’s own set of rules that are less severe and more considerate of the grieving family.

      Of course, we are discussing Jersey … Christie’s Disneyland. Who knows just what the democrat judges will pull from what orifice just to dump on the 2nd amendment and gin owners — even accidental gun owners.

    3. In Nj we have 1 handgun a month and several district attornies have said they consider that to apply to inheritance of handguns. Ie if you inherit 30 handguns you have to get 30 handgun purchase permits and wait 21/2 years to get them all. Including having to pay for finger printing.

    4. Does preparing for a 3-gun competition constitute a “bulk purchase”? I guess I’ll have to wait 3 months and then the match will be over. LOL

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