Sitting Ducks Under ‘Bullet Proof Blankets’ … No Thanks

ProTecht of Oklahoma Bullet Proof Blankets
ProTecht of Oklahoma Bullet Proof Blankets
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -( An Oklahoma company that sells a blanket to protect children from gunfire has seen its business grow after a spate of U.S. school shootings has left parents and educators on edge.

ProTecht of Oklahoma originally developed its “Body Guard” blanket product to keep children safe from high-speed debris flying through the air from the tornadoes that frequently hit the state, but many parents see it as armor against bullets, the company said on Thursday.

“The government is not going to do anything in law about guns, and there is nothing else out there to protect the children,” said Stan Schone, who helped develop the blanket.

The 5/16th-inch (7.9 millimeter) pad is made from bullet-resistant materials that can be folded and strapped on the back and then unfurled to hide under in emergency situations. The blankets sell for about $1,000.

The company declined to provide sales figures. Co-developer Steve Walker, an Oklahoma podiatrist, came up with the idea of a protective blanket after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in late 2012 and a tornado a few months later that killed 24 people in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, including seven children at school. ~  (Original story, Yahoo News – Reuters – June 12, 2014)

CSSA ED. NOTE: Sigh. Teaching children to be sitting ducks under blankets? No thanks.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Sitting Ducks Under ‘Bullet Proof Blankets’ … No Thanks

    1. This is a ridiculous idea! First of all, the bright orange color will no doubt attract the attention of a shooter. Secondly, with its size, it can’t possibly be more than “Level IIIa”, which will only stop handgun rounds. If it was “Level III or Level IV” it would be too heavy for a small child to hold. A 10″x12″ ceramic “Level III” plate for military body armor weighs over 7 pounds. That thing has about 12 times the surface area of one of those plates so, if it could stop rifle ammo, it would weigh over 85 pounds. So, for $1,000 all you get is a false sense of security. Arm the school staff AND put armed security on school grounds. Then, replace the “Gun Free Zone” signs with ones that read “Our Teachers and Staff are ARMED and will take all necessary actions to protect our children!” NOTHING else will be as effective as that.

    2. there is an item at a real backpack that can carry the school supplies and have a plate put in it that will stop rifle bullets for under 200$ us that out performs this stupid idea at 1/5 the price and is usefull at any time the child has it with them

    3. I agree,I’ve never understood why people think the Israeli way in anything is always best ! It’s not,ever ! If you do the opposite of what they do you will always come out ahead !

    4. Fred
      How israel does things is the absolute wrong way to deal with any problem. Besides they are the ones who are behind the dis arm America scheme

    5. License,train,and arm the teachers and staff to protect the kids ! This nonsense here is just more of that liberal knee jerk crap !

    6. One thing that we will never run out of is stupid ideas. This has to rank near the top and like most bad ideas dosn’t address the real problem. Bad guys bring guns to schools while the good guys are disarmed. Guess we will never learn

    7. I just love that part about the Gov not going to do anything about gun laws. How about the deranged nuts that do the shootings

    8. “The government is not going to do anything in law about guns, and there is nothing else out there to protect the children,” said Stan Schone, who helped develop the blanket.

      Nothing, that is, in the minds of mentally deficient liberals, who cannot IMAGINE that arming teachers would let them dispatch would-be killers without delay.

      And $1,000.00 for ONE tiny blanket? Such a deal! I’m sure the company is hoping they’ll be mandated, one worthless blanket for every kid in every school in America.

    9. I taught high school for 35 years. Long before there was ever a shooting at a school I had my class go through the “what if” scenario. My door was always kept locked and closed. We had heavy lab tables which were to be quickly placed in front of the door and those glass panels that ran next to the door. Then, we put all the rest of the tables on end to serve as a barrier while we broke out one of the large windows to make our escape outside the building if someone was determined to come through our door. One of my closest friends did the same in his room. We are both hunters and NRA members. Because we decided to appraoch all situations tactically we were viewed as “nuts”. I guess we just saw the world for what it was instead of through those rose-colored glasses the rest of the faculty were wearing. Now a days some of those same people are calling us to find out all they can do to secure their rooms. Seems they do not feel all that secure with the contingency plans the school district has come up with. Their big tactical plan is if there is a “situation” they will announce on the loud speaker to close and lock all doors, turn out all the lights, and stay away from the door. At least that is cheaper than those $1,000 security blankets they sell. Maybe they should monogram them so it will be easier to identify the bodies they find under them if someone is indeed determined to attack the class as the teacher huddles there with the children. How sad the world has become when we have a reason to talk about such matters!

    10. Solution we need is to adopt the Israeli plan: arm all school staff incl teachers and train them to shoot. Then institute armed school patrols by one else has more vested interst in student protection than the school staff and PARENTS. Works in Israel and would work here. Any physically-able parents who refuse to participate in the patrols must place THIS sign in their front yard: “I do not help protect the kids” Radical? Yep, but needed.

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