Southern Belle Outdoors Inc. Launches Scent-Free Product Line

InvisiBelle Scent-Free Product Line
InvisiBelle Scent-Free Product Line
Southern Belle Outdoors
Southern Belle Outdoors

Pikeville, KY -( Southern Belle Outdoors Inc. announced today it has partnered with Persist Scents LLC to offer a line of scent-free products for women called “InvisiBelle.”

They include scent-free shampoo, scent-free conditioner, scent-free body wash and scent-free hand & body lotion. Knowing women make up the fastest growing demographic in the outdoor industry, the ladies of Southern Belle Outdoors wanted to offer an exclusive line of products they would be proud to put their name on.

“It doesn’t matter how good a shot you are or how well you are camouflaged, if you are not completely scent-free, you are never going to get close enough to take a shot,” said SBO co-owner Shannon Deskins.

The four women from Appalachia who make up Southern Belle Outdoors truly embody the outdoor lifestyle and understand the wants and needs of today’s outdoor women.

“I love the fact that I no longer have to change shampoo and conditioner just for hunting season,” explains Tisha Profitt, co-owner of Southern Belle Outdoors. “We feel so confident in our products that we will be personally using them year-round.”

In addition to women who hunt, there is another group who could benefit from the new InvisiBelle Scent-Free product line. In a test group, people who suffer from allergies were just as excited about the new products, and many of them had never set foot in the woods. The Southern Belles believe in “thinking outside the box,” and realized that more people than those who spend their lives outdoors would benefit from the InvisiBelle line of products. No one will be left out, as the Belles have already started developing a special edition line of “InvisiBelle For Men.”

About  Southern Belle Outdoors

This Team of Women share a passion for the Outdoors and will bring Awareness by helping to educate and mentor other women and children who desire to hunt, fish and/or explore the great outdoors as we know it. Our focus is to involve as many women and children possible to follow us on our Outdoor Adventures while we offer a place to share ideas, hunts, experiences and dreams! The Belles believe strongly in helping others and will be hosting fundraisers from time to time to support various causes that are important to each of us. This will be a way for the Belles to give back to our communities and help those in need.

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Stephanie beaton

How do I buy the invisibelle products?


What are the prices for the hair conditioner and how do you order?


Do you have pricing somewhere ?

Sherrie Rogers

I am an avid hunter however I still like to have soft skin and hair. Before I drop money do you guys offer sapmles of your products?