Survivalists vs. Preppers on Sportsman Channel’s “America Unplugged”

June 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Featuring Robert Allen of Sigma 3 Survival School in Arkansas
Featuring Robert Allen of Sigma 3 Survival School in Arkansas

New Berlin, Wis. –( “I’m a survivalist, not a prepper. Prepping is replacing one dependent for another,” states Robert Allen, U.S. Army Combat Engineer, owner of Sigma 3 Survival School and featured on this week’s America Unplugged, exclusively on Sportsman Channel, Thurs., June 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Imagine a world where Americans no longer rely on local government for electricity, water, sanitation, heating, and cooling. This lifestyle of living “off the grid” is how more than 180,000 Americans choose to live every day. Hosted by former U.S. Navy SEAL/Sniper Cade Courtley, America Unplugged continues its ground-breaking journey into the homes of survivalists and those who have successfully “unplugged.”

After returning home from the second Iraq war in 2005, Allen created his vision of bringing a military school to the masses – Sigma 3. Based on 400 acres in northern Arkansas, Sigma 3 teaches ordinary citizens how to truly survive with nothing – from making fire, to building a shelter to hunting, fishing and self-defense/security detail. “Self-reliance gives you absolute freedom. Knowledge is power,” said Allen. “If you give me a knife, I can walk into any environment in North America and survive indefinitely with just that one tool.”

While Allen is not 100-percent “off-grid” yet, he’s getting there. He shows viewers his chicken farm, gardens, and how he’s installing an aquaponics system to nourish his fish and vegetables within the same ecosystem.

Over the eight-week series, Courtley highlights unique and fascinating stories of those who have ‘pulled the plug.’ His goal is to become the “American face of survival.” The former U.S. Navy SEAL/Sniper and Security Contractor has spent more than 15 years in some of the most hostile places on the planet and has produced/written/acted/hosted/consulted for successful Hollywood films and television shows, as well as authored the 2012 book: “A Navy SEAL’s Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster.”

The host will share his unique experiences and add perspective as to why many Americans are living off the grid. Sportsman Channel is partnering with A. Smith & Co. Productions’ executive producers Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Frank Sinton and Michael Braverman on a project that will deliver real stories from real people. A. Smith & Co. Productions has produced several hit programs including: Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and American Ninja Warrior.

America Unplugged airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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