Tell TARGET: Don’t Be Bullied By Anti-Freedom Billionaire

Target Weighing Sweeping Gun Ban
Target Weighing Sweeping Gun Ban
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota –-( The Bloomberg puppet organization, “Moms Demand Action,” is pressuring Target stores to ban all carry at Target stores.

These “checkbook activists” are buying press attention, social media exposure and petition drives to push their extreme anti-rights agenda.

Target needs to hear from us — the law-abiding, rights-respecting MAJORITY.

Please call or email Target headquarters in Minneapolis, and tell them to respect your rights and the law.
Our message must be calm, positive and polite!

We won’t win by screaming, but by calmly persuading. Target is a business, and they will make the decision that they think is best for the bottom line.

Please tell them, in your own words (please don’t just copy and paste):

The “Moms” group — actually Michael Bloomberg’s billlions — is trying to rope Target into their extreme agenda
Permit holders are overwhelmingly more law abiding than the general population

  • I am a law-abiding gun owner/carry permit holder
  • I am a frequent Target shopper
  • I spend my money where my rights are respected

Please email: [email protected]

Please call: 1-800-440-0680

Remember — CALM and POLITE!

We’ll be following this situation carefully, and we’ll keep you informed by email, on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

Please ask gun owners and civil rights supporters to sign up for these alerts at

About:We are the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, the organization behind CCRN (Concealed Carry Reform Now!). We are people from all walks of life who have banded together to preserve and protect all of our civil rights as gun owners. Visit:

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If my weapon can’t go in there, I’m not going in there. Don’t go around unarmed. People or companies who demand it will have no customers!

Rob Davis

Jrty, us “gun nuts” don’t go around shooting people. We simply reserve the RIGHT to protect ourselves.

If a “gun nut” wouldn’t have been in the Las Vegas WAL*MART recently and confronted the lunatic couple that shot and killed the Police Officers, it’s probable that many more people would have died.

Go check the FBI statistics for 2013 and recent years. As gun ownership goes up, crime goes down, and that is an indisputable fact, regardless of the LIES the mainstream media is brainwashing you with.

Wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.


Target may limit my choices. If Target decides I can’t CCW, I’ll shop elsewhere. Do limited choices lead to Socialism’s ‘one size fits all’?. Kind of a “Catch-22”. Huh?


Another gun nut


In Texas businesses that don’t want firearms in their establishment have to have a 30.06 sign posted. A handwritten sign or verbally saying firearms aint allowed wont work legally ! I dont shop at Target anyways but even if I did they wouldn’t know I was armed. Even if open carry passes in Texas I will still carry concealed.