UPDATE on Oregon Effort to Ban Lead Ammunition for Hunting

Naturally Occurring Lead Electrolytic vs Lead Shot What's the difference?
Naturally Occurring Lead Electrolytic vs Lead Shot, What's the difference?…Nothing.

Charlotte, NC –-(Ammoland.com)- As previously reported, the Oregonian newspaper recently published a series of articles about California condors and the use of lead ammunition for hunting.

Now, Oregon State University has published an article detailing an upcoming collaboration between OSU and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) on an effort to survey Oregon hunters about their use and knowledge of lead ammunition.

This survey, which is set to begin later this month, will consist of a random sample of 4,200 hunters from each geographic region of Oregon.  Survey results are SUPPOSED be used for the dual purpose of informing discussions among agencies, groups and others about any potential restrictions in the use of lead ammunition and to gather information from the individuals who would be most impacted by any restrictions on lead ammunition – hunters.  However, it seems odd to conduct a survey on the impact of lead ammunition unless there is a future intention or plan to implement a restriction on it.

The OSU article goes on to discuss the California condor and attempts to restore its population via banning lead ammunition.

“Historically, Oregon has had condors, though none are known to live here now, however, there are efforts to re-establish populations in northern California and if they are successful, it is only a matter of time before condors begin frequenting the southern portions of Oregon.”

This could potentially be foreshadowing for an alternative ammunition agenda and an impending ban on traditional lead ammunition in Oregon?

Your NRA is keeping a close eye on this issue and the impact it may have on sportsmen in Oregon.  In addition to those hunters who have been selected to participate in the survey, those not chosen are encouraged to provide feedback on lead ammunition directly to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.  We encourage you to share your thoughts with the ODFW.

For more information on the all-out assault on lead ammunition throughout the United States, please visit www.huntfortruth.org.
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  • 2 thoughts on “UPDATE on Oregon Effort to Ban Lead Ammunition for Hunting

    1. I agree with Icetrout’s statement, as a Californian- native instead of making laws that ruin hunting, with non lead shot or bullets, try to cease current expansion of western states growth. That would cancel-out the habitat conservation dilemma faster, for the Condor of future. lead poisoning is a joke, lead has been in nature since beginning of time, fishing and hunting hasn’t created one provable kill-out of game or fish by lead ammo consumption in diet.

    2. how bout a no growth plan for the entire west coast… no building,no immigration… no road building… no nothing… great conservation plan that would benefit all wildlife… 🙂

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