WaPo: Individual Right to Gun Ownership Created by Supreme Court in 2008

By AWR Hawkins

Supreme Court and Guns
WaPo: Individual Right to Gun Ownership Created by Supreme Court in 2008
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On June 22 2014 Washington Post reporter Robert Barnes argued that the Supreme Court created the individual right to keep and bear arms in 2008, via District of Columbia v. Heller.

No attempt to grapple with our Founding Father’s words or intentions was made, but Barnes did make clear his belief that Justice Anthony Kennedy will be key to restricting the right the court allegedly created.

Barnes makes this point by citing UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, who notes Kennedy voted with the majority in Heller, thereby “establishing the individual gun ownership right.” But Winkler also contends that “it was Kennedy who insisted” the decision “contain language” making clear the court “was not calling into question reasonable restrictions on gun ownership.”

Winkler subsequently suggested the court’s finicky appetite toward gun cases since Heller and McDonald v. Chicago (2010) is a reflection of “concern about the way Justice Kennedy is going to go [in future cases].”

For Barnes, like Winkler, Kennedy is key to restricting “the fundamental right the court found six years ago.”

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E J Mullane

The Supreme Court did not CREATE anything. The US Constitution AFFIRMED. the right to keep and bear arms, which existed prior to the document. The Supremes cannot grant anything, their function is to interpret the law under constitutional principles.


Unfortunately (precedence) is NOT lawful law.
NONE of the active firearms laws today can stand under true constitutional scrutiny. Every so called regulation on the books ANY place in the country is based on precedence NOT law. Witch makes them ILLEGAL because they are contrary to the constitution. The supreme court does NOT make law they interpret the relevance of law in each situation. Sadly they have abdicated their DUTY as American citizens and arbiters of just law to the “progressive” destruction we see today. May they be damned to their own destruction.


If you want knowledge and truth about firearms, WaPO is not the place to go. If the individual right to own firearms did not exist before 2008, why did millions of Americans own firearms prior to that year? Could it be that people illegally owned firearms for the past 200 plus years in this country and nobody noticed?
More lies from anti-firearms people – surprise, surprise.


The anti-2nd Amendment ‘minions’ have a legal strategy. They strive to come up with as many ways/excuses to get the 2nd Amendment reviewed by a judicial panel until things go their way. Opposing them, like ending international terrorism, is a struggle that never ends.


Of course we all know that Robert Barnes is insane and is responding well to medications.