Watch Traded for Colt Handgun – Worth it? Find out Treasures and Traditions TV

Treasures and Traditions TV
Treasures and Traditions TV

AIKEN, S.C. –-( This week on Treasures & Traditions TV on Discovery’s Destination America, a collector brings in what he believes is a replica of an older Colt handgun – something he traded straight-up for his Pulsar watch 30 years ago.

Did he make a good trade?

Plus, viewers learn the value of a signed and numbered bronze whitetail sculpture and a declared “packrat” brings in various lures for appraisal.

Tune in on Thursday, June 26 at 10 a.m. ET, with re-airs on Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m. ET on Destination America.

The series is gaining fast attention with sharing the sporting heritage by discovering and appraising true pieces of Americana. Outdoor writer, K.J. Houtman declared in her piece in OutdoorHub as, “A new television show worth setting the DVR or TIVO for, especially if you enjoy collecting sporting goods such as guns, wildlife artwork, antique lures, or old fishing rods and reels.”

Longtime advocate for the outdoors, collector and avid sportsman, Bob Delfay is the host who seeks out valuable sporting art, decoys, antique firearms, vintage outboards and tackle, books and other outdoor collectibles to answer owners’ burning questions as to, “What is it worth?”

“We help outdoor enthusiasts uncover the value of their treasures and this episode in Hartford, Conn., is no exception,” said Bob Delfay, host. “Many guests walked away from their appraisal with strong suggestions of getting their pieces insured. I think they were really surprised to hear the value.”

Internationally recognized Smith & Wesson expert, Roy Jinks, joked that his appraisal of a historic Colt revolver might tarnish his Smith & Wesson credentials, but the Colt’s owner was very pleased with the news he received. It turned out that the revolver he thought was a replica was more than he bargained for.

Filming at two popular outdoor trade shows in Cincinnati and Hartford, Conn., the team of Treasures & Traditions TV, which also includes TV producer Steve Pennaz and well-known outdoor TV host, Bill Miller, made a few unique discoveries that warranted “Appraisers Choice” at each show.

After one guest heard his autographed Charles Russell sketch was worth $10,000-plus by Robert Koenke, an acclaimed art appraiser, he exclaimed, “I was very surprised. I didn’t expect it to be nearly as valuable as it appears to be.” Koenke strongly suggested the piece get insured – especially since it is a family heirloom.

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