Way More People Killed In Chicago Than In All Mass Shootings Combined

By AWR Hawkins

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  While announcing that they would not longer give killers the opportunity at glory that comes from having their names mentioned and their photographs aired on television, Sun News also address the extremely low rate of “mass shootings” in America compared to the excruciatingly high rate of murders in gun-controlled Chicago.

According to the Sun News, mass shootings around the world –including the U.S.– are so rare that news agencies make a mistake by seizing on them.

Focusing specifically on the U.S., Sun News reported: “And in the U.S., they account for less than one percent of all gun-related deaths. Far more people have been killed in the bad neighborhoods of Chicago that were killed in all the mass shootings combined.”

Yet they say the incidents are enlarged on the public psyche via “social media,” through which “they've become a spectacle.” [What? and NOT the main stream media?: EDITOR]

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  • 8 thoughts on “Way More People Killed In Chicago Than In All Mass Shootings Combined

    1. FOID card laws are for law abiding citizens, local hood rats gets the guns illegally anyway. But who sells the illegal guns is never delt with. The Laws are only for law abiding citizens, but illegal guns are sold by lawless citizens and illegals selling them in their local corner stores and gas stations. But no one wants to deal with that fact.
      In all of the African American area, the illegals that run small stores and gas stations sell guns, and other things they should not be selling. They have a city of Chicago Business License to operate their stores and gas stations, and they hide behind bullet proof glass and sells guns and other illegal items. But the city officials purposely looks the other way because they are collecting tax money from these people on gas and their food products.

      The politicians know about it, the race relations poverty pimps know about it, and the local hood rats know about it. How is it that no one will investigate all of these illegal sellers of illegal guns?

      It’s because they all make money from pimping the poor and UN-Informed, and could care less until it reaches their neighborhoods. The Mayor, all of the race relations poverty pimp preachers, and every city and county politician, are guilty of looking the other way in this matter because, they are all protected, but the citizens are left to fend for themselves, while getting shot in the @ss on a daily basis. Now go and report that!!!

    2. The problem in Chicago is simple. The liberal prosecutors and liberal cook county judges simply do not enforce the maximum jail penalty for a crime committed with a firearm. Why ? because the Chicago ruling political party does not want to “offend” their voters. And the county president stated it is too expensive to house the gun violence criminals. If they would have enforced the max sentence on the shooter of Ms. H Pendleton she would be alive today as he would have been in jail at the time of her death.

    3. The list is highly misrepresentative.

      I recently came across this figure being recycled by multiple news outlets and tracked it back to the originating organization. http://everytown.org/article/schoolshootings/

      I searched the first 10 events listed. 1/10 fit the description of “crazy person with gun shoots student/s on school grounds”.

      Of course none of the shootings where “justified” but they are being misrepresented as “school shootings”.

      3 arrested in shooting of student NEAR campus. Possibly result of a drug deal.

      19-yo college student shot and killed at night behind elementary school. Victim appears to have been involved in illegal gambling when gun shots were fired.

    4. McCarthy is a buffoon from Jersey City who like to get drunk and shoot out street lights. I don’t think he posses the intelligence to wipe himself.

    5. Reason this is? McCarthy, Rahm & all the city pols are “dancing with the gangs” while telling the people lie after lie after lie! They know who the gang members are, where they are, but do NOT do anything about it because they use them as “informers” and are just plain “chicken-sh*t” to do anything about controlling the gangs!

    6. It didn’t take this long for the MSM to figure out that they shouldn’t give streakers airtime in the ’70s. Why did it take tham this long to figure that out about mass murderers? It couldn’t be an anti-gun rights agenda. No. 🙂

    7. Anybody ever consider that it might be a good thing that the bad guys are killing other bad guys? How about putting up more “GUN FREE ZONE” signs – put one up at every entrance to the city and on the other side when people leave the city they can see “LEAVING GUN FREE ZONE – Y’ALL COME BACK, HEAR!” That might encourage criminals to go somewhere else to commit their crimes, thus reducing even further the city crime statistics. Almost forgot, they could pass a few more laws too – just so the legislators don’t look like they are asleep at the switch. The only thing bad about gun control laws is that they make the law-abiding defenseless. But democrats don’t care about that. Don’t believe me, ask the mayor.

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