When Conspiracy Becomes Fact, Is The Tin-Foil Hat The New Fashion Statement

By James White

Tin Foil Hat
Has The Tin-Foil Hat Become A Fashion Statement?
NorthWest Liberty News
NorthWest Liberty News

Montana –-(Ammoland.com)- What a world that we find ourselves living in today. To be able to cover the vast amount of ever-changing news, I would need a large staff and a large amount of resources.

Something like Alex Jones and Infowars has going on. But since I possess neither of the two, I need to target specific issues which I think may be interesting.

As I scanned the news this morning looking for topics in which to write about, something occurred to me. Some of the headlines of today are the “conspiracy theories” of days past. This, of course, is not a new phenomenon; but, it sure seems like the revelations about these sort of things is accelerating on a week-by-week basis.

It’s not difficult to understand why this is happening once you grasp the current trajectory of the information war that we find ourselves engaged in daily.

Alternative Media has seriously hampered the plans of the Elite, and that’s why there is such an international push to silence its influence. Now, information that would have previously been buried by bureaucrats often sees the light of day through Alternative Media. However, this increased level of knowledge comes at a price. As more of us “wake-up” and get it, those in charge need to increase the speed in which they perpetrate their master plan of a “New World Order.” As the Elite do this, it awakens more people, which causes the Elite to act even more quickly. So, in a “back-door” kind of way, the rate at which you see the Elite’s plans revealed coincides with the speed in which people are awakening. This, again, is not a new concept, as some have made similar observations before me.

Although still used as a tool to demonize by those who oppose freedom, being labeled a “tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist” just doesn’t have the negative impact on the general populace that it once did. In fact, some of those same conspiracy theorists launched Alternative Media websites that, as I eluded to earlier, are kicking the Elite’s rear-end. It is from some of those very same websites that I will draw the information presented below. If I went back a month and searched headlines, I could probably fill numerous pages with conspiracy turned fact. However, in the interest of brevity, I will only go back 4 or 5 days. These are in no particular order.

Conspiracy # 1- The Gold and Silver Markets Are Being Manipulated
For years, fellows like Bull Murphy and his organization, GATA, have been sounding the alarm about the manipulation of the international gold and silver markets by big banks and select insiders. Even though Bill had the goods, he, and many in his organization, were labeled conspiracy theorists. Well, Bill and crew do not look so crazy after all. Linked below is a story which vindicates Bill, and the rest of us who knew.

Conspiracy # 2- The Bilderberg Group Meets in Secret
The fact that the Bilderberg Group does, in fact, exist is not a new revelation. Guys like the late Jim Tucker, American Free Press, have been reporting about it for years now. However, it deserves mention because those in the know were constantly attacked at the mere mention of the Bilderbergs, and, of course, were labeled as conspiracy theorists. Now, the list of attendees are published yearly, as the group has come to realize that their cover has been blown wide-open. Again, Alex Jones is on top of this years meeting list, which can be seen linked below

Conspiracy # 3- Sandy Hook was a “staged” Tragedy
In my opinion, the Sandy Hook shooting was a carefully planned, poorly executed, attempt to demonize gun owners, and to disarm the law-abiding citizens of this country. The evidence linking the event to a psy-op is plentiful, but I will only present a couple links here now. The first one always creeps me out because of its apparent callousness. The second link is from my pal, Sean, at SGT Report. From almost day one, many smelled something rotten about Sandy Hook. But, we were labeled conspiracy theorists.

Do you believe this guy?

Conspiracy # 4- Tools Used in the “War on Terror” Will Be Used Against US Citizens
One doesn’t even need to refer to Alternative Media to verify the fact that Domestic Terrorism is all the rage. Understand, the Military Industrial Complex HAS to have an enemy to fight so that they can continue to line their pockets with our money. Well, it seems that now they now have 300 million plus reasons to keep churning out weapons of war and destruction. I am referring to, of course, the American population. From the MIAC Militia Report, to the SPLC, many of us are falsely labeled as conspiracy theorists, and, even worse, domestic terrorists. The list below is not new, but was recently republished a day or so ago. I’m betting that you’re on it, especially if you visit websites like mine.

  • Truth Uncensored: Are You On The Domestic Terrorist List If You Meet Any Of These Criteria You Are

Conspiracy # 5- Global Warming is a Fraud
Few things that I would debate people over elicited more emotional response that the idea of “Man-Made Global Warming” being a fraud. I’m telling you, it’s like a religion for some people. I must give credit where credit is due, and I believe that Lord Christopher Monckton, and his work, was largely responsible for lifting the veil off of this global boondoggle. If one studied the real science behind the ever-changing climate that we live in, they could tell quickly that the entire “Green” movement is nothing but another way to extract dead presidents from you and I.

Do we need to manage our resources better and take care of our environment? I would say, yes, no doubt. Can it be accomplished by giving Al Gore money? Does that need an answer?

Rather than linking to one article, I will link to a website with numerous articles that expose the whole charade.

  • Climate Change Dispatch

As I stated earlier, I could go on for pages given enough time to do proper research. For now, this is all I’ve got. So, the next time you hear something you find incredible, especially if it is denied by Mainstream Media, do not just dismiss it out of hand. Today’s “conspiracy theory” may well be tomorrow’s headline.


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All the people wearing ‘tin foil hats’ are in Washington.