Why Hasn’t Obama Been Impeached Already? The answer – Joe Biden

By Alan Korwin

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:


The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

I finally got the answer! After months of wondering and asking–

The man currently in the White House has flagrantly broken so many laws, and violated the oath of office so many times — with 535 members of Congress, why hasn’t one, not one, stood up on the floor of Congress, called him out on any of it, and sought his impeachment? Why?

Not enough Senate votes to achieve it? That’s not an answer for why no one has officially broached the subject from the floor.

The best answer I’ve had until last night was horrifying. It came from one voice in the back of a room where I gave a speech. In a room full of blank stares from folks who hadn’t a clue, he called out, “They’re all in on it.” The room fell eerily silent.

But that’s not it.

Congressman David Schweikert, one of the most savvy members I’ve ever known, answered the question in public as he wrapped up a brilliant Q&A session led by Tea leader Francine Romesberg in Phoenix. It’s because if we could impeach and remove Obama, what happens?

It puts Joe Biden in office.

Now, Biden’s an idiot, that’s widely understood inside the Beltway, and the media bends over backwards to hide his constant insanity. But he’d be an incumbent, and the money and power of that would be nearly unstoppable come 2016. That’s Obama’s ace in the hole.

“But Biden is a zero compared to Hillary!,” I protested, and David agreed, but the power of the office is what counts, he said. And if Hillary didn’t put up a credible challenge to incumbent crazy Uncle Joe for the top spot on the Dems ticket, Joe would just put her on as VP, and that’s the end of any Republican chance. There was nothing left to argue.

So that’s why not one out of 535 in Congress is willing to attempt to remove Obama at this point. It would hand the White House to the Dems come 2016. It’s all about power politics, nothing else. Not law, not morality, not justice, it is Machiavellian. And although no one would voice it, if Hillary were cast into the number two slot, every conspiracy theorist who draws breath knows the stories of people who have conveniently disappeared under the Clintons’ march forward, don’t you?

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Joe Biden was chosen because he would have been the ‘fool/idiot’ successor. Biden was Obama’s insurance not to be assasinated. Has there ever been a ‘former’ president assasinatin?

Don S.

After his reign as King, the Muslim Bastard should be tried for every crime he has committed against this country and exiled from this kingdom and stripped of every thing he owns and be know as the King who has no clothes.

Joe W

Not one VP in our history was ever chosen by the President elect to hold his position in the event of death or removal. However, when the Republicans win in 2016, Obama can still be brought up on charges which would force him out of the country, and he would not be eligible for pension, S/S protection, health insurances, etc….


didn’t double barrel joe say “two blasts through the door”? Enuf said !

Dr. Strangelove

LBJ’s miserable excuse for a presidency is just a hint of the disaster “Shotgun Joe” Biden’s would be.

lamont bennett

The truth is the main reason is Obama with the way all the drama in the middle-east and the constant threat of some country going to war will do a third term and congress knows this which means the house knows republicans will run the country in the 2020s and democrats again in the 2030s lets just accept its all preplanned.

Raymond Miller

You know what that is the most sensible explanation I have heard so far, and it could be the real answer as to. WHY ?
I have been pulling my hair out for months/years as to why hasn’t someone done that. This SOB is dismantling our country a piece at a time.


One other point ! I want the GOP to sweep the mid-terms like everyone else,!…but would it really do any good,..change anything ?


I dont believe a damn bit of this article ! The reason none of these candie ass RHINO’s file articles of impeachment is because obama is black !!! Period ! They are also complicit with the african scum destroying our country ! To believe this article you would have to believe no Republican ticket could whip a Biden/Clinton ticket ! BS !


I’ve always believed that Biden was Obama’s life insurance policy. No assassin would risk leaving crazy uncle Joe in charge.

That said, NDB is correct, take the example of Clinton. Impeachment only places a permanent stain on a President’s legacy. It takes the Senate to then vote them out of office.


I have referred to Biden as the ‘Village Idiot’
since he took office.


Joe Biden should be removed on the grounds of mental incompetence.


Impeachment would not put Barry out of office… a resignation as a result of impeachment would require integrity, so that would never happen.


I think that whole story is bulls*** ! They are worried about Biden being president but not Obama destroying our country with impunity ? I think what they are worried about is being called a racist and that it would start a race war. It would be worth it to get that out of the white house while we still have part of this country left !