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The Bear Whisperer
The Bear Whisperer
Nature Productions
Nature Productions

Fairfield, ME -( The multi-award winning production company, Nature Productions, announced today it has signed a sponsorship agreement for all of their current productions including The Bear Whisperer, Freedom Fighters, Hunting for the Dream and The Hitmen.

Argo, the leading supplier of extreme terrain amphibious vehicles for over 40 years, simply put, can go where others cannot. Argo has proven through the years it is in a class of its own.

All around the globe in all types of harsh environments, the Argo line of vehicles have proven that they are not just for recreation but a valuable addition to any industry that needs to get where others can’t. Snow, mud, dense brush, water – Argo vehicles can transport personnel and gear anywhere you need to get the job done.

“As you know, we have always been proud of the choices we make in choosing sponsors carefully to best represent what we stand for,” said Blaine Anthony, host of Freedom Fighters and The Bear Whisperer, “Argo is an obvious choice for us in production as it is the only vehicle that can do what we need to do throughout the Nature Productions Family. From running bear dens in the north Maine woods with many feet of snow, to carefully and safely entering ice and water, Argo is the only choice for the true outdoorsman.”


John Window, Brand Manager at Argo had this to say, “We have had the pleasure of working with Hitmen Canada for the past two years and now we are not only continuing this relationship, but extending it to all of Nature Productions family of shows throughout North America. The varied environments that Nature Productions operates in, from mud to snow to flooded areas all are perfect opportunities to utilize an Argo. We know that the entire team at NP will benefit from our product and bring an element to their shows they have never been able to before.”

Nature Productions would like to ask everyone who watches their programming on The Pursuit Channel, Channel 9 New England and Wild, to see the Argo in action. For those who know we stand by what we promote, we ask you to visit ArgoATV, or on their Facebook page Facebook/ArgoATV. They have an off road product for virtually any terrain including water, and you will see why the Nature Productions family of shows will be using Argo exclusively.

About Nature Productions

Formed in 2002, Nature productions started small, producing outdoor DVD’s. Nature productions has grown to producing national TV commercials, closed caption service to production and editing of national and local outdoor TV programming. Nature Productions has 17 nationally recognized awards to it’s credit and have produced over 30 national outdoor related TV Shows.

About Argo

Ontario Drive & Gear started in 1962 manufacturing gears and transmissions for a variety of industries (and continue to this day). In 1967, ODG saw the opportunity to make its own off-road amphibious vehicle and the first Argo 6-wheel vehicle rolled off the line. Since then, Argo has produced thousands of 6 and 8 wheel vehicles that are working and playing hard around the world (over 90 countries). From emergency services like police and fire departments to exploration, mining and natural gas exploration, Argo vehicles can haul your gear and your personnel anywhere you need to get them. And don’t forget, they’re a lot of fun too as thousands of hunters, outdoorsmen and cottage goers can attest to.

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