Brownells Frank Talk About Guns, June 2014

Brownells Historical Timeline
Brownells Historical Timeline
Frank Brownell
Frank Brownell –

Des Moines, Iowa – -( Gotta toot the company’s horn for a couple of minutes…This past weekend, we had the very great pleasure of throwing the biggest party our little home town has ever seen.

We’re 75 years old as a company – so wanted to celebrate with the town as a thank you for making such a great home for us to grow and develop in. We did this in conjunction with the local school, having any profit funds roll over to them.

Called it Monte Fest and it definitely was quite a shindig!  Between 6 and 7,000 folks came out and celebrated – not just Brownells’ 75th anniversary but the town of Montezuma, Iowa, the place we’ve called home since 1939. Also my (Frank’s) 75th birthday and 50 years with the company.

Stuff like that kind of sneaks up on you when you’re having fun. Seeing that many people on the town square was amazing! The food was great, the bands were rockin’ and the weather was picture perfect. What a way to kick off our next 5 year plan!!

While the Monte Fest party is over, the celebration of our 75th Anniversary is going to continue all year. Keep a weather eye on, Facebook, and our e-mails for special offers and other anniversary news. We’ve even done a Brownells history timeline. It tells you how we started out and how we’ve arrived where we are today.

A lot surely has happened in the last three-quarters of a century! Our E-commerce team even found a special way for me to join in to celebrate both big 75ths. Earlier this week, on Tuesday, they ran a contest: anybody who placed an order on our website closest to the exact time I was born on June 24, 1939, would get their order FREE. Turns out two folks – David C. from Fort Worth, Texas, and Edward M. from Tarpon Springs, Florida – both placed orders within seconds of 5:32 PM, the exact time yours truly entered the world. Congratulations, gentlemen, on your great timing!

Good timing is important elsewhere, too, ‘specially in 3-Gun competition. Recently, some of the our gang competed in the Midwest 3-Gun Championships down in Missouri, and others traveled next door to Nebraska to help subdue the undead hordes at Hornady’s Zombie Match. Both events were a big hoot and a whole lot of fun. Anytime we get to go shoot guns with old friends and make new friends is a good time! Plus, you’re honing critical shooting skills at the same time. Nothing like a little competition to give you that extra “edge“.

One way to mix things up at the range is to have a little “living history” experience once in a while. For example, this month we’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of D-Day – the Allies landing on the beaches of Normandy, France, in World War II. Makes this the perfect time to take your M1 Garand or M1 Carbine to the range. Bring along the youngsters, add a few minutes, talk about D-Day and the start of the liberation of Europe, and you’re passing down history, teaching gun safety and marksmanship, AND having a heckuva lot of fun, too! We’ve got clips and parts for your Garand, and pieces and accessories for your Carbine. We also have some really handsome Minelli wood for the Garand, if you’d like to deck him out!

If you happen to live in a state with some restrictive gun laws, you might have to make certain adjustments to your AR-15 to stay in compliance. We’ve got Thordsen FRS-15 stock sets that eliminate the adjustable stock and pistol grip without making your AR uncomfortable to shoot. Our Bullet Button kits make the “detachable mag” feature of the AR-15 California-compliant, and they even include reduced-capacity magazines. Got our new Brownells 5- and 10-round magazines available, too. Just be sure to check, then double check the laws where you live to see if these parts are useful for you.

This month we have Part 3 of the AK-74 build project by Roy Hill, one of our ace copywriters. This is a fun project to follow and well presented. Past sessions included gathering the necessary parts and tools for the project and showed how to install the triggerguard.

Been some tough weather situations around much of the country lately – so if you’re not prepared, but know you should be, check out the Voodoo Tactical’s Major Disaster Survival Kit. Has food, water, a light source, a first aid kit, an emergency blanket, instructions, and a shelf life of at least five years. It’s Coast Guard approved, too. Serious emergencies almost always knock out the power grid for a while, so it’s important to have a really good flashlight. We’re very pleased to offer you the improved Gen II version of our popular “BVL” – Brownells Versatile Light – with an amazing 530 lumens output in high mode. That is serious light in an emergency – even takes care of that monster under the young-un’s bed!!

We’ve got a major holiday next week – Independence Day! If what happened back in 1776 is a bit fuzzy in your memory, it’s time to brush up. The events leading up to that July day in Philadelphia when the Second Continental Congress approved the final language of the Declaration of Independence are amazing and inspiring!

I love the line, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

How can you say it any better?

Hope you’re able to enjoy the three-day weekend – and celebrate our independence and freedom. But please take time to thank all the men and women who made the sacrifices over the past 238 years to secure those freedoms and preserve them for us. Those folks are the ones who have given our generations the freedoms we see so envied by the rest of the world. We owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. Let’s really be sure to preserve these freedoms, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and not let them slip away one little chink at a time.
Best – Frank & Pete

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