Colorado: Hickenlooper Keeps Close Ties with Extreme Anti-Gun, Anti-Sportsmen Figures

Governor Hickenlooper toasts President Obama
Governor Hickenlooper toasts President Obama

Charlotte, NC –-( Last week, Governor Hickenlooper (D) was spotted having beers and playing pool with President Obama during his visit to Colorado.

The two anti-gun chief executives enjoyed a night out on the town, despite the desperate need for leadership in both Colorado and our country.

It’s no surprise that Governor Hickenlooper and President Obama keep such a close connection.  During the anti-gun free-for-all last year led by misguided state legislators in Denver, Vice President Joe Biden and the current administration had a direct line to the state Capitol in an effort to push through their rights-infringing agenda. Hickenlooper has made it abundantly clear that keeping close ties with fellow anti-gun politicians, such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, outweighs his interest in protecting the rights of  law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners in Colorado.

In fact, Michael Bloomberg recently reiterated his support for “universal” background checks in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, a policy that even the U.S. Department of Justice has said will not work without requiring gun registration.  Despite the fact Bloomberg and Hickenlooper’s out-of-touch policies are what helped remove two state Senators in a historic recall election, Bloomberg downplays their defeats, saying they were districts in “parts of Colorado where I don't think there's roads.  It's as rural as you can get.”  To be clear, these recall districts are just outside of metro Denver and have plenty of roads, roads that helped enable voters to drive to the polls when these anti-gun legislators were ousted last September.

The 2015 legislative session will be here before we know it, which means that this election cycle is absolutely critical to defend your rights.  Hickenlooper, Obama and Bloomberg want nothing more than to completely eradicate your Second Amendment rights.  They ignore solutions that would address violent crime and simply go after sportsmen and gun owners.

The fight in Colorado to protect and restore your Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one your NRA takes very seriously.  We encourage you to pay close attention in the coming months and help to repeal those draconian gun laws next year.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Colorado: Hickenlooper Keeps Close Ties with Extreme Anti-Gun, Anti-Sportsmen Figures

    1. seems to me that if the CITIZENS of CO WANTED the guns, they WOULD by now organize some movement to get that guy OUT.

    2. Angela Giron,John Morse were recalled,and Evie Hudak quit before she was. Can’t the voters in Colorado petition for a special election to have their POS Governor removed from office ? As long as that SOB is Gov.of Colorado it’s going to be hell for the good people of that state who cherish their 2A freedoms ! Just looking at pictures of that douche bag pisses me off !

    3. If ‘Hickenloopy’ delivers the Colorado Democrat vote this November he’ll probably be given a job in the ‘Regime’?

    4. All of you Freedom Fighters in Colorado should write at least one letter to the editor PER WEEK, in a concerted effort to unmask Hickenlooper as a Socialist-Democrat gun-grabber.

    5. We are working at it.
      We’ve had an infestation of Leftists from other states as well as a few home-grown misguided folks.
      Check with us after November.

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