Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents Chasing Longbeards in Kansas

Doug Koenig Championship Season Chasing longbeards in Kansas
Doug Koenig Championship Season Chasing longbeards in Kansas
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season
Doug Koenig’s Championship Season

Hamburg, PA. –-( It’s mid-April and Doug sets out for Lincoln, Kansas with Leupold Executive John Snodgrass hunting for Rio Turkeys this week.

As Doug sights in his New TenPoint Venom Crossbow and John checks his T/C Encore Pro Hunter, the duo discuss the versatility of Leupold’s DeltaPoint 2 sight as the perfect choice for their separate pieces of equipment.

Unexpected cold and windy hunting conditions force the guys to set up a blind near a pinch point area. After patiently waiting hours calling birds into close range, numerous turkeys finally begin to appear. As the Tom’s strut through a mowed corn field, Hornady Heavy Magnum Turkey nickel plated loads deliver lethal results to another successful days hunt.

Walking through the dry creek bottom and fields, Doug stopped and commented, “Harvesting these beautiful Kansas gobblers and having friends with me is what memories are created from. Getting outdoors and experiencing a great hunt like this one with John will never tire.”

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season returned to the Pursuit Channel July 2, 2014 for its third year. Each week, Doug delivers hunting and shooting tips whether he’s stalking big game, a fair chase hunting adventure or preparing to compete at a world class level match. Doug’s success and dedication to the shooting sports is captured along with his passion as an avid hunter. Come along to share the excitement with your entire family to ensure your day afield is memorable. To learn more about Doug’s career, visit

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