DSC Praises Tanzania’s Crackdown on Green Mile Safari Co.

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Dallas, TX -(Ammoland.com)- Reacting to egregious, alleged violations in hunting ethics and laws, Tanzanian wildlife officials have revoked all hunting licenses and concessions for Green Mile Safari Co.

The Dallas Safari Club (DSC) had urged the crackdown and is praising the move as a strong step for hunting and conservation. According to media reports, the safari company, a private outfit owned by United Arab Emirates families, is threatening to sue the Tanzanian government for lost revenue caused by the revocation.

Allegations against Green Mile include hunting with automatic weapons, hunting female and young animals, using vehicles to chase and knock down animals and hunting protected species.

In March, a DVD showing this and other deplorable behavior found its way to DSC. The club contacted Tanzania’s new Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources, the Honorable Lazaro S. Nyalandu, to express indignation over the safari company’s apparent misconduct.

Nyalandu had been appointed to his position only two months earlier.

Then-president of DSC, John Patterson, said in a letter that the club, “strongly believes that one of the most important tools the Ministry can use in its efforts to conserve the country’s wildlife is to only award concessions to safari operators who will abide by the highest ethical standards and uphold the rule of law – and to remove those who do not.”

Nyalandu acted against Green Mile after the DVD was shown in Parliament.

“Today we applaud and support Minister Nyalandu for his courageous action,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “Tanzania has seen its share of difficulties in prosecuting poachers and safari operators who flagrantly violate laws, so this move is a noteworthy and welcome change. We’re hopeful that Minister Nyalandu’s decision will withstand the threatened legal challenge.”

Green Mile operated two hunting concessions in the Selous Game Reserve and one in Arusha.

DSC has pledged to continue working with Nyalandu to ensure sustainability of Tanzania’s wildlife, wild places and rich hunting heritage.

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    1. I felt physically sick reading this dreadful abuse dished out by the green mile safari club. Thank god it has been closed down. When will all this abuse end, it is the stuff of nightmares. Watching this abuse to these poor animals who have done no harm to anyone leads me to believe there is evil in this world, unbelievable sadistic, cold hearted acts of violence against gods creatures. When will all this end, when will human beings leave these creatures alone and let them live peacefully.

    2. Hey perhaps all these big ‘brave hunters’ should take wine with them ******* Catherines comments have been removed from Ammoland due to her violation of policy suggesting violent acts towards other good law abiding citizens….. and should she continue her abusive insane behavior I will personally release her email to the public and contact appropriate authorities. Obviously Catherine is a delusional progressive democrat. ********* Admin

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