Failed Gun Store Robbery With a Surprising Twist

German Sheppard
German Sheppard
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Ok, so there is plenty wrong with the whole planning of this caper by this crook.

First mistake, he plans to rob a gun shop. That should be no problem,,, right?

Well you would never guess what foiled this idiot’s attempted robbery of a firearms retailer..

No it wasn’t a heavily armed store owner who would have laughed at the armed robber for even having the balls to rob a gun store.

It was the owner’s best pal waiting patently behind the counter, who was trained to attack any idiots who dared to harm his owner.

YES his dog!

The dog seems to come out of nowhere and chomps the the armed robbers arm getting the crook to drop his weapon.  Whats “Pal's” reward?  Getting to chase the robber off the property and down the street.

  • 4 thoughts on “Failed Gun Store Robbery With a Surprising Twist

    1. Because of these and similar actions by police officers, many people are loosing respect for them. If the police believe they can rule through fear and intimidation some changes need to be made. The police want respect and want to go about their jobs without fear, so they should reply in-kind.

    2. First, Popeye and Bluto are one in the same ! Second,he (Popeye and Bluto) are as wrong as it gets ! This is an actual event,not staged ! I know that for a fact !!

    3. Fake! In addition to all the great comments form Bluto above, name one gun store on the planet where the clerk behind the counter wouldn’t have pulled out his .380 and put one between the eyes of the d bag doing the armed robbery thing? Yeah, exactly. Maybe if it was a head shop, sure. I get it – those guys suck cock. They probably drive a Chevy. But a gun store? [email protected] me to tears, those guys probably drive Fords. And everybody, everybody knows that guys that drive Fords have huge socks and carry .380s.

    4. Please, please tell me that you aren’t promoting this as a real event, when it looks patently false.

      Why is the robber wearing such a big, heavy coat when the store owner is dressed for summer weather? Why is the arm of the coat ALREADY showing damage, as if this had been practiced before filming? Why is the robber extending his arm so far over the counter? And why is the robber practicing such good trigger discipline by not even having his index finger on the trigger?

      All this adds up to be a fake web video generated to draw clicks and views. It’s a shame you fell for it as it appears you have.

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