Gabby Giffords: Guns Are Part of a War On Women

By AWR Hawkins

Gabby Giffords
Gabby Giffords: Guns Are Part of a War On Women
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On July 30 2014, gun control proponent Gabby Giffords argued that guns are part of a war on women being waged by domestic abusers and that more gun control is needed now.

In an op-ed co-written by Katie Ray-Jones and published on, Giffords argued that federal firearm laws barring possession of firearms by those “under domestic violence protection orders” or with “misdemeanor domestic violence convictions” do not go far enough. She suggests that these laws too often only impact people in a married context and need to be “extended to address dating partner abuse.”

She also believes gun possession bans need to be broadened to include stalkers.

Giffords says, “Those who argue that stalkers don't necessarily exhibit violent or threatening behavior…[haven't talked] with a woman who fears for her life because her former boyfriend or acquaintance is promising to find her and kill her.”

On August 14 Breitbart News reported on gun scholar John Lott's work which suggests women in America are not made safer by more gun control but by greater access to guns for self-defense.

In his seminal work More Guns, Less Crime, Lott shows that women are among the top beneficiaries of expanded concealed carry laws. Conversely, crime against women rises where gun control is more stringent.

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  • 12 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords: Guns Are Part of a War On Women

    1. Rodeo, New Mexico, After the unsolved shooting of rancher Krenz, in 2010 a community meeting was held in Rodeo, at the school. Ms gabby was there, I sat within 18 ft. of her during the meeting. A lot way said, mostly how all LEO was on it (bah,Bah)we know how that has worked out. What I found interesting was watching “gabby” at what was a defining moment on the Border, It was weird, she was smiling! the look on her face, her actions, her movements, did not reflect the concern shown through-out the crowd, she was “basking” in the lime light! When the camera’s were near her she smiled, nodding to show she saw them. I’m from the Mid-west, I had to ask my friend,(retired Army) who is that? As a former LEO, her actions were not what I would consider fitting for the time. Maybe a little hindsight into her ID that might explain subsequent usefulness to the current administration. Semper Fi madmax

    2. IF it ever comes down to them coming for my guns…they better bring theirs.
      Gabby is almost as big an idiot…as that bald headed dick sitting next to her. He’s the “real” mouthpiece…

    3. It is not her fault she says these things in public, she is being manipulated by her husband, he has his sights on public office, soon he will make his move.

      She is lucky to be alive given the traumatic brain injury she received, she would not have survived if the gunman did not use round nose ammo.

      Like the guy in Chicago once said while in DC…

      You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

      Rahm Emanuel

    4. That is not stalking but making a threat.

      Giffords says, “Those who argue that stalkers don’t necessarily exhibit violent or threatening behavior…[haven’t talked] with a woman who fears for her life because her former boyfriend or acquaintance is promising to find her and kill her.”

    5. While I have tremendous sympathy for Ms. Giffords because of the horrible injuries she has suffered, I still would prefer that she and Mr. Kelly stay the hell out of my life and quit promoting pointless legislation.

    6. Giffords hasn’t had a thought of her own since she was shot. Every thing she says is whispered in her ear by her walking vagina. She’s probably got a hole in the middle of her back so he can make her eyes blink and lips move.

    7. Hard to believe that anyone this ignorant – probably stupid as well, can actually be elected to Congress. But it happens all too frequently. Gee, I would rather make it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from criminals. There is really only one problem with gun control laws – they don’t work. So let’s ask the congress to waste more time creating more laws that won’t do didley to prevent crime. Remember this in November: Guns are more American than apple pie.

    8. This verbiage is coming from a woman who was most likely told what button to push as she cast her last ‘official vote’ in Congress.

    9. You know its a shame what happen to Gabby a fews years back.But the way the libturds prop up this poor pitiful woman and puppet her like they do is criminal.That space cadet husband just contributes to this and he should be run out of town for being a dumbass.Its obvious this poor pitiful woman is mentally ill and these gungrabbing son of a bitches just exploit that !

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