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David Clarke
David Clarke
Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-( Greetings in Freedom,

Ordinarily a County Sheriff’s election wouldn’t be notable for the larger state.  In this case however, I’d like to share what is going on in Milwaukee County because the Sheriff’s race here has drastic implications for the entire state and country.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke rocked the boat here in SE Wisconsin and nationally when he issued public service announcements in 2013 that encouraged people to take responsibility for their own safety including training to use a firearm in self defense.  His public service announcements went viral because while self-defense is only common sense, its extremely rare to get a Law Enforcement official to publicly advocate for the 2nd Amendment and citizens right to carry.

Sheriff Clarke is the first Sheriff to take such a prominent and extremely public stance on the 2nd Amendment.  If he wins, other Sheriffs and Law Enforcement around the state AND country will be encouraged to do the same. If he loses, other Sheriffs and Law Enforcement around the state AND country will be afraid to speak out in support of the 2nd Amendment EVEN if they privately support it.

In a recent press release, Sheriff Clarke’s opponent called the Sheriff’s vocal support of right to carry “dangerous“.

Sheriff Clarke’s opponent also publicly advocates for universal gun registration in the form of Universal Background Checks that would prevent relatives from giving a gun to another relative, or a grandfather from being able to give a gun to his son or daughter, without registering the transaction with the government.

Its unfortunate enough that Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett hold press conferences (after convicted felons just out of prison shoot up Milwaukee neighborhoods catching kids in the crossfire) and BLAME Wisconsin’s concealed carry law which has SAVED dozens of lives in Milwaukee.  Sheriff Clarke remains the lone law enforcement voice of reason in Milwaukee County and if he loses this election, there will be no voice for “we the people” in Milwaukee.

There is a concerted effort by the establishment to target Sheriff Clarke for his vocal support of right-to-carry and send a message to elected officials around the country that if you publicly support the right to carry, you will be targeted by everything the anti-gun crowd has to throw at you.

A resounding victory for Sheriff Clarke will have an immeasurable impact on advancing gun rights in this country. I believe this is one of the most important races in the country for the message it sends about gun rights.

If you have the resources to send a small donation Sheriff Clarke’s way please consider doing so at the website below:

Sheriff Clarke will be joining me this Sunday night on Well Armed Radio to talk about the nonsense in Milwaukee and his strategic vision to solve Milwaukee’s problems and make it a safer place.  Its not rocket science… It just takes someone with the principles and courage to speak the truth and not toe-the-line the political class wants law enforcement executives to toe.  Make no mistake Sheriff Clarke is a Sheriff of the people.  He is “The People’s Sheriff”.

If you live in Milwaukee County make sure to get out and vote for Sheriff Clarke in the primary on August 12th.

Tune in to Well Armed Radio this Sunday at the following link.  Show goes LIVE at 7pm Central time!–sundayaugust-3-2014

You can listen to past archives of “Well Armed Radio” at

Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
[email protected]

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Tom Jansen

I no longer reside in Milwaukee county and I am a staunch conservative. I have always admired the up front no nonsense approach of sheriff Clarke. If I were able to vote, David Clarke would definetly be my choice.

Vincent Treewell

I am totally pro-gun, NRA member, concealed carry permit holder, etc. But this guy is not what you think. He is just saying the right things to try to build a political career. He pretty much destroyed the Sheriff’s Department and has done practically nothing to actually fight crime in Milwaukee. He is the most fake, double-talking politician you will ever meet.

Dennis Swiatek

I am a retired former resident of the city of Milwaukee,David Clarke is the finest person
to hold a elected posision in the city of Milwaukee.

Bob Shell

If all sherrifs accross the US were like him I am willing to bet that crime would drop off by quite a bit. OH well wishful thinking. Most sherrifs & especially police chiefs & commissioners are political hacks and tow the anti-gun line & don’t care about crime just keeping their jobs


Sorry I can’t support him this round.

He is over in the Democratic primary. I have a Republican assembly primary that I will be votingin as I feel that has more weight on the 2nd amendment than a non policy maker like a sheriff.

He should run as a Republican or independent Party candidate. Or Libertarian.


This country could use one hell of a lot more Sheriff Clarkes ! Sheriffs that have integrity and principles they live by.