Ikea Asks Uniformed Police Chief to Put Gun in Car or Leave

By AWR Hawkins

Ikea Asks Uniformed Police Chief to Put Gun in Car or Leave
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On July 4 2014 a uniformed police officer entered a Maryland state Ikea store and was told to go lock his gun in the squad car or “leave.”

The officer carrying the gun was Takoma Park, MD Police Chief Alan Goldberg. He was in uniform “because he had worked that morning at the city's July 4 parade, and would be back on duty that night for fireworks.”

He was trying to help his daughter find furniture for her apartment in between shifts.

According to NBC Washington News 4, Goldberg was approached by a “loss-prevention officer” who said: “We have a no firearms policy, and you're either going to have to leave or you can lock your gun in the car.”

The store had “Weapons Free Environment” signs on its front doors, and Goldberg demanded to see written policy to prove the ban applied to police. Ikea did not provide written policy.

Ikea issued an apology on July 7 after News 4 contacted them seeking clarification on their “weapons free” policy.

(Editor Note: So goes the logic of gun banners.)

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  • 13 thoughts on “Ikea Asks Uniformed Police Chief to Put Gun in Car or Leave

    1. A list of all gun free zones should be on the net so people know to stay clear of these killing zones..



    2. I do NOT agree with their corporate policy or even if it is the store owner’s policy BUT it is a private property and if they choose to have a no gun policy that is their business BUT we then have to tell them with our dollars that we will spend them elsewhere until they change to service our needs. Right now 5% of the US population has a CCW that is a LOT of dollar power. I think that the officer being in uniform and off duty means nothing to the issue. Bottomline is he was not there on official business so needs to acknowledge their private property rights. Had he been called into the store for official business THEN their private property rights might be a bit different but surely the “security guard” was acting in accord with the owners decision and we need to tell them we can buy furniture at other stores that DO allow us to protect ourselves and other shoppers

    3. The Chief should have placed the “loss-prevention officer” in hand-cuffs and let him visit the back seat of his patrol car.
      BTW, when did plastic no gun signs ever stop a criminal intent on robbing or worse? IKEA is a place for sheeple who want to increase their odds of being gunned down by a scumbag.

    4. It has become so stupid here in America with the gun issues. Ikea obviously hires incompetent security as well as having worthless anti-gun policies. That loss prevention officer should have been arrested, you can’t tell a police officer in uniform to leave the store becuase he has his gun on his duty belt. I hope that security officer was either suspended or fired. Ikea apologzied, what a joke, I loved their furniture and other nick nacks, but now I will not shop there period. Now I am going to spread the word to all my friends. Ikea is a foreinger here anyways. If Ikea had any common sense, they would figure out their stupid safe no guns in our store signs do not stop or are followed by criminals who have them on their person. Stupidity at it’s finest.

    5. Ever notice that some of these retailers are headquartered in foreign countries? They aren’t content to profit from one of the world’s largest consumer markets, they also want their customers to conform to their idiotic store policies.

    6. Huh, guess this is the kind of idiocy we can expect when the MFIC is some minimum wage moron with fifteen minutes of job training. Hope this makes the unarmed public, shopping at IKEA, feel all cozy and safe.

    7. I am ,,, presently,,, assembling a bureau, ikea: hemnes model ,, !!!! Had I been aware

      of this IDIOT mentality,,, I would NEVER have
      placed the order,, and certainly will never
      repeat !!! Member:: NRA< GOA< SAM< HF< TPP<
      others ,,, GingerMan

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