Joe Thomas Heads to Big Sky Country with High Hopes for a Trophy Whitetail

A Hunt for a Montana Whitetail

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Benton, KY -( On this week’s episode, Host Joe Thomas travels to Montana for a hunt with longtime friend, Jamin Krebs of Western Timberline Outfitters.

The alfalfa fields and the back country are very green, which can make pinpointing a shooter buck extremely difficult. In the end, patience and persistence pay off as Joe gives himself a great opportunity at a Montana Whitetail.

Almost every hunt offers new challenges and obstacles that need to be conquered in order to find success in the field. Here on Summit’s High Places, the crew prides itself on showing you these challenges and what it takes to overcome them.

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Summit’s High Places presents hunting like you do it, with amazing hunting action and real-life situations that are sure to increase your heart rate. Get up-close and personal on deer, bear and elk hunts charged with high-intensity action. The Team lives to hunt, and it shows. While they're always looking for that trophy buck, they often won't pass up a doe, because each member holds a hunter's heart in the truest sense. This is real hunting with all of the highs and lows that make our sport the most exciting in the world.

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    1. Next weeks episode should have an apology for the attempted deceit of the viewers. It was obvious in the montana white tail episode that the end was poorly edited and fabricated. The hunter shot a buck but the end of the show showed him with a different buck and a taxidermy mount at that! Who poses in the field with a shoulder mount of a buck that wasn’t even the one he was supposed to have shot? Pretty shady fellas.

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