MGI’s D-fender D-Ring- What it’s all about?



Size doesn’t matter, smaller is better!


 MG Industries D-fender D-ring
MG Industries D-fender D-ring

MGI_LOGOOld Town, ME ( – Although small in size, MGI’s D-Ring does a big job at improving the reliability of your AR regardless of the manufacturer. Did you know that MGI’s D-fender D-Ring is so effective at improving the reliability of your AR that it is currently in use with Law Enforcement agencies across the country, as well as U.S. Special Forces, the British SAS, and the Canadian Military? It has been tested and approved by the U.S. Department of the Army that found MGI’s D-Ring to “always aid in the reliability of the family of AR rifles.” Individual D-Rings have logged over 1 million rounds!

MGI strongly believes the D-fender D-ring will improve your AR and we want to prove it by offering a 4th of July price reduction.D ring packaging

“The recent law enforcement movement to patrol rifles and carbines has seen a large number of the AR-15 / M-16 type firearms enter service. In twenty years of competition and training, I have observed more than a half million rounds fired from these weapons and have seen a large number of malfunctions. One basic fault in the design of the AR-15 / M-16 type weapon is the lack of extractor spring tension. Regardless of the manufacturer, I have observed numerous extraction failures where the fired cartridge case prematurely releases off the bolt face prior to ejection. The fired case remains in the feed way and is jammed on top of a live round feeding from below causing a serious malfunction. To reduce the malfunction requires magazine removal, bolt lock, and feed way clearing, before the weapon can be returned to service.

The premature release of the fired case is caused by the extractor lip slipping out of the extractor groove and the fired case head because of the lack of adequate extractor spring tension. To correct the extractor spring tension problem, Mack Gwinn and his partner, Jim Sullivan, have designed an ingenious add-on part. Sullivan was one of the original design team engineers that developed the Armalite AR-15 in the 1960’s. Mack Gwinn was a SOG operator and team leader in Viet Nam and a user and student of the M-16 system. Combining their vast expertise, they came up with the simple solution. Shaped like a horse shoe with a bar across the open end, the D-Ring is slipped over the extractor spring and the parts reassembled. The entire installation takes about three minutes. The D-Ring multiplies the extractor tension by four times.

In three recent Patrol Rifle / Carbine schools I conducted, ninety officers fired well over 75,000 rounds of .223 ammo from a variety of AR-15’s, M-16A1’s, CAR-15’s and M-4’s. Several new weapons immediately experienced extraction failure. The addition of the D-Ring virtually eliminated the problem. In one particular problem Colt M-4, we added both the D-Ring and a heavy-duty extractor spring to solve this problem. More than fifty officers installed the D-Rings and experienced no extraction failures. This type of performance is exceptional. Mack tells of an M-4 (14.5″ barrel military Carbine) they use as a test weapon that has 20,000 rounds fired using the same D-Ring without an extraction malfunction. After installing a D-Ring in my duty CAR-15, I noticed extremely consistent ejection with all fired casings falling with a small circle. I consider the D-Ring a must have addition to any Ar-15 type rifle / carbine. The D-Ring should be a lifetime part if not lost or damaged in the cleaning process. If you fire more than 20-30,000 rounds you may need a replacement. At less than 15 bucks, it is the best deal available.” Jeff Chudwin, Chief of Police, Olympia Fields Police Department, commented on his evaluation of MGI’s D-Ring.

Take advantage of this exclusive 4th of July special offer now.  Order your D-Ring online today and increase the reliability of your rifle, regardless of who originally manufactured your AR.


About MGI: As a Maine based company, MGI is committed to providing the United States military and the American law enforcement community a weapons platform of endurance and reliability to face the mission and tactical challenges of a post 9/11 World. MGI products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. and available through Camfour (413-564-2300), Acusport (937-593-7010), Big Rock (800-334-2661) and Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. (800-223-0702) or visit Contact MG Industries at 207-817-3280 or [email protected] for more information.


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was wondering the same thing

TSgt B

Do they make a similar product for the AR-10/LR-308?