MGI’s Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer Lessens AR-15 Recoil

The best kept secret in the AR business is MGI’s Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer

MGI Rate & Recoil Reducing Buffer
MGI Rate & Recoil Reducing Buffer

OLD TOWN, ME ( – Developed in the late 1990’s, using counter poise technology developed by Mack Gwinn Jr. and his partner, James Sullivan, MGI’s Rate & Recoil reducing buffer is more than just a heavy buffer. MGI’s buffer has a mechanical action which counter acts the recoil while increasing the reliability in any manufactures AR type rifle.

It is in use across the United States, as well as the world, in many different manufacturers AR’s. It is used by Law Enforcement agencies, competitive shooters, as well as the United States Special Forces personnel.

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Mack Gwinn Jr. has always believed that less recoil equals more rounds on target. It is this belief that drove him to develop what many believe is the most effective buffer on the planet. More than just a heavy buffer, MGI’s buffer has a mechanical action with aids in reducing the recoil before it has a chance to effect muzzle climb or transfer into the firearm (reducing wear and tear) or into the shooters shoulder. Click here to see a video evaluation of MGI’s Buffer and of the reduced recoil and muzzle climb it provides.

Used by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, in Southern California, for over 10 years now, their Armorer, Bruce Park, has logged over 1 MILLION rounds on multiple buffers. According to Bruce, it is MGI’s Buffer that directly contributed to these rifles running over 1,000,000 rounds before having to be re-built.  See Bruce’s complete comments by clicking here.

Regarding the rate reduction capability of MGI’s Buffer, testing has shown rate of fired reduction of over 300 rounds per minute. Muzzle climb is drastically reduced meaning more rounds on your target. The faster your cyclic rate is, the more reduction you will see. During our testing, an 11.5″ barreled M16 with a cyclic rate of nearly 1100 rounds per minute was tamed by our buffer to function at 754 rounds per minute. We also tested the unit in an M16 with a 20″ barrel that was cycling at 771 rounds per minute. It dropped to 585 rounds per minute with the new rate and recoil reducer almost completely eliminated muzzle rise, even under full automatic fire. To view a brief video of Jeff Zimba, from Small Arms Reviewmagazine, showing the reduced rate of fire and muzzle climb, click here.

Made completely in the USA, with a steel body, spring loaded, timed, tungsten weights, and with over 1,000,000 rounds logged, MGI’s Buffer has been called the “best in the world” by many. Used by US Army Special Forces and competitive shooters all over the world, the effectiveness and durability is beyond question. In fact, a blind comparison test conducted by Howard Kent, showed graphically just how much more effective the MGI buffer is, as compared to other buffers on the market today.

Click here to see an additional video made by one of our customers showing some of the more technical aspects of MGI’s Rate & Recoil Reducing Buffer.

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joe vincent
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