Modern Spartan Systems Partners with The Nevada Firearms Coalition

NVFAC and Modern Spartan Partnership
NVFAC and Modern Spartan System have announced a partnership
Modern Spartan Systems
Modern Spartan Systems

Suwanee, GA -( Modern Spartan Systems LLC., manufacturer of today's most chemically advanced firearms cleaners and lubricants, is excited to announce its partnership with The Nevada Firearms Coalition.

The MSS and NVFAC partnership is designed to further promote ongoing safety and pro-gun efforts for self-defense, competition, recreation and hunting, while also providing discounted Spartan Products on both company websites.

“The Nevada Firearms Coalition is pleased to announce that Modern Spartan Systems is on-board and helping us to raise funds for our pro-gun efforts,” cited Don Turner, President, Nevada Firearms Coalition. “We believe this partnership is an excellent opportunity for MSS, our members and the pro 2nd amendment cause, additionally our members will be able to obtain their truly unique firearm lubricants and cleaners via our website's on-line store.”

Through this mutually beneficial alliance, every member of the NVFAC will receive a 10% discount on all products by entering a coupon code at the NVFAC or MSS online store. At the same time MSS will contribute 10% of the sale to NVFAC’s efforts. For detailed information on this partnership, please visit Modern Spartan Systems or the Nevada Firearms Coalition.

Marcus Kahn, CEO, Modern Spartan Systems added, “We love this relationship. It’s a great pleasure to support a well run organization that promotes the pro-Constitutional values that we stand for.”

MSS is now in the process of expanding its’ industry relationships; dealers, rep groups, distributors, OEMs and other non-for-profit organizations are invited to contact us.

About Modern Spartan Systems LLC.

Our mission is to be recognized as the worldwide leader in contaminant removal and friction reduction technologies for the small arms and projectile weapon markets. We want hunters, competitive shooters and tactical personnel to experience and rely on the “real world” benefits that our state-of-the-art “maintenance & optimization system” uniquely provides: smoother operation, reliable performance in all environments, far fewer malfunctions, dramatically less time spent on maintenance, safe for people and the earth (“nose” friendly), extended (and often restored) barrel life, and yes, enhanced accuracy, which in some cases could prove lifesaving.

About The Nevada Firearms Coalition (NVFAC)

The Nevada Firearms Coalition is a registered Nevada nonprofit corporation. We are dedicated firearms owners, users, public and private gun clubs, and commercial shooting sports enterprises who are interested in promoting and protecting the ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, for establishing, hosting and participating in competitive firearms events and general recreational shooting. We also want to protect the natural resources in order to continue to enjoy the outdoor shooting sports including hunting and informal outdoor target shooting.

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