MOJO TV Season Premiere

Season Premiere Of Mojo Tv
MOJO TV Season Premiere

Monroe, LA –-( MOJO will kick off their eight consecutive season starting the week of July 5th with its all new, high production waterfowl series “MOJO TV”.

Airing on both The Sportsman Channel in the US and Wild TV in Canada, MOJO’s goal is to take the viewer on a wide variety of waterfowl hunts ranging from some of the most popular duck and goose lodges in the world that include locations such as South and Central America, Canada and Africa plus do it yourself hunts in their home territory of the Lower Mississippi Flyway and many places in between.

The MOJO Crew, consisting of Host and Professional Hunter  Terry Denmon and Co-Host Mike Morgan along with Chuck Smart are highly experienced hunters with over 120 years of experience and they will bring that experience to you in the form of Who, What, When, Where and Why in the waterfowl hunting world.

This is the Crew that changed forever how we hunt, especially waterfowl, with the cutting edge MOJO Spinning Wing Decoys. They spend their lives experimenting with products and techniques that will help us all to be more successful in the field. From tips on using equipment to tips on setting up to take best advantage of current weather and local conditions to species and other waterfowl data, watch it all unfold on MOJO TV.

Starting this season, Mojo will bring to you some of the zany hunting tips from our special friend and Louisiana duck hunting guide Hannah Hughes. Hannah along with her good friend Kaylee Patrick have become Facebook and YouTube sensations with their wildly popular Hannah & Kaylee Show. These girls love to laugh and whether it’s their combination of Cajun-Redneck-Hillbilly upbringing that make them so loveable or just the sight of a couple of pretty ole country girls in a set of muddy waders that trips your trigger, you’ll want to catch them on a weekly basis.

Here’s a clip of one of their crazy videos:

You can also go to the MOJO web site at to keep up with these two and the times and dates that they will be on the show.

On the Season Premiere:

Terry and the Mojo gang meet up with Ramsey Russell of and head to Argentina to see if the Mojo Mallard can work its magic on Northern Argentina’s diverse duck species. From Cinnamon Teal to the irresistible “Ramzillas”, this episode features a close look to the variety of ducks Argentina can offer avid Waterfowlers. Although the season is long over in Louisiana, when you are with Ramsey it is duck season somewhere!

New episodes premiere Saturdays at 3:30 pm ET on The Sportsman Channel.


About MOJO TV: The Show is hosted by professional hunter and long time TV personality, Terry Denmon, and co-hosted by Outdoor TV and Video Pioneer, Mike Morgan, and MOJO's General Manager, Chuck Smart. The MOJO Team takes you around the world on exciting waterfowl, predator, turkey, and big game hunts with a style that brings the “Magic” of MOJO to the screen.

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