Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Kicked Out of San Antonio Target Store

By AWR Hawkins

Moms Demand Action Banned
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Kicked Out of San Antonio Target Store
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  A July 16th 2014 column describing the gun-banning efforts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America reveals that a Moms Demand chapter was kicked out of San Antonio’s Park North Target when they tried to hold a “Stroller Jam” in the store.

Store management kicked the gun control group out for “wielding signs and petitions in a ‘distraction-free’ shopping environment.”

According to the Rivard Report, it was just “days later” that “Target asked its customers to no longer bring weapons into its stores.” 

The Rivard Report did not mention that on the very same day, Target PR group manager, Molly Snyder, said the request to leave weapons home was not a “prohibition” and that Target had no “plans to pro-actively communicate with guests” about the matter.

In other words, the request Moms Demand secured from Target was just like the one they secured from Starbucks, where CEO Howard Schultz asked customers not to be so flamboyant in openly carrying guns, but stopped short of refusing service to those who are.

Target is now the second department store chain that has kicked a group of Moms Demand members either out of a store or off its property.

Breitbart News reported that the group went to Staples’ headquarters on March 4 to deliver a petition to CEO Ronald Sargent, but was kicked off the property before the petition was delivered.

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Them mad mommas are funny as [email protected] !


Well I personally go to Starbucks & Target as well as other places with my weapon an have not had any problem.So unless you want to carry a canon I do not see a problem.


You know, I find it odd the man who planted the gun in the toy aisle has not been found.

Almost like they don’t want to find him.


As small business owner , my policy is for drama is stfu gtfo its mine goodbye. Your trespassing bye . Firearms policy , oh they’re nice , so what.

Tsgt B

Having dealt with these “activists”, I find it a damned shame that they behave this way. As some of there group are what I might deem “attractive”, I’d be happy to give them some “action”, if it weren’t for their obvious lack of intelligence. Seems they could use a bit of well-documented “stress relief”. And I have a “big gun”.


Here’s another group of women who wouldn’t be interfering in commerce if they were ‘barefoot and pregnant’!

Old Salt

It’s rather odd that those of us who appreciate owning and using firearms aren’t so rabid towards those that don’t want to own a gun. If we were we’d force everyong to own a firearm and qualify with it yearly. Wheather they want’d to or not.

Bob Shell

Good for Target. They did the right thing

David: San Antonio

Well…one thing CAN be said…”Moms” got “action”…they were kicked out. Wish I could have been there.

Dr. Strangelove

At least they are being even handed about it. Whether you like them or not, Target has the right to engage in commerce without these distractions.