More Defenseless Victims in San Diego County – July 2014 Edition

By Rob Morse

Mission Beach San Diego County CA
Mission Beach San Diego County CA

Southern California –( San Diego looks like paradise.  San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said he will protect us and we have no need to protect ourselves.

Somehow Sheriff Gore overlooked the thousand of crime victims in June.   As usual, most of the victims are unarmed and defenseless.  It wasn’t paradise for these folks.

In only the last few weeks:

A woman was walking alone when she was attacked by an unknown man who knocked her to the ground and attempted to force himself on her.  She was fully clothed and the suspect was gone when she regained consciousness.  Police suspect that a vehicle drove down the street during the attack which scared the attacker away.

A local Walmart store was robbed for a second time at gunpoint.  In both cases the suspect approached a cashier, pulled a gun, demanded money, and then fired the gun into the ceiling before the employee could open the cash register.  In both cases the thief grabbed money from the register and fled.

A masked gunman entered the Villa Hermosa Market Saturday evening.  He pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money from the cash register.  The clerk gave the thief an undisclosed amount of cash before the robber left the store and fled on a blue bicycle.

Two men entered the Yum Yum Donut shop in La Mesa.  One of the men showed a handgun and ordered the store clerk to give him cash.  The suspects took the money from the till and fled from the business on foot.  Police searched for the suspect with the San Diego Police Department helicopter, but the men were not found.

Police were finally able to identify a man killed at an apartment complex in El Cajon.  37 year old Kevin McCalla was found lying on a sidewalk just before 9PM.  McCalla suffered gunshot wounds and was unresponsive and without a pulse when police arrived.

A state audit reported that San Diego State University failed to adequately train staff in response to sexual assaults.  Students say they receive little guidance from the school about personal safety and reporting crimes.  Student Megan Kelly said, “You see it on the news all the time about all the sexual assaults that happen here on campus.. in the parking structures or parties and stuff like that.”  The university reported 31 sexual assaults from 2010 to 2012.

These victims were left defenseless, and there are thousands more like them each month.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore says he may not issue licenses to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense.   In contrast, many other California Sheriffs do exactly that.

San Diego Crime June 2014
San Diego Crime June 2014

A 3 judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals went so far as to call Sheriff Gore’s disarmament policy unconstitutional!  Until the full court rules, the citizens of San Diego will remain disarmed victims.  Every day another 150 San Diego residents become victims of violent crime.  This will continue until Sheriff Gore acknowledges their right of self-defense.

About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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William Van Elkan

Merry Christmas, I Live In Las vegas. On my 21st birthday I bought my baby, a Browning Hi-power in 9mm. then I reloaded a 90 grain jacketed hollow point with 2 grains over what the pundants to be said was max. the browning was the only pistol designed to take 40% over loads. I don’t advise or condone doing so and will not be responsible for if you do so or attempt it, I have been carrying it ever since, when I get pulled over I simply pop the clip and jack the round out of the chamber, put the… Read more »


The gun grabbers always look at this as the fault of legal gun owners and guns rather than the fault of the real criminals. From their stand point, the criminals have a right to have guns but you don’t. Their thinking is, that is what criminals do so don’t blame them.


Is there some way to filter the graph? What do those symbols mean? Kind of hard to click on six overlapping symbols.

Gen Early

Sheriffs are elected by the citizens or sheeples of their county. You get what you deserve.


Legal issues in the United States are predominately patterned after what is commonly referred to as “Old English Law” Under Old English Law the sheriff or any other law officer does not have any ethical or moral duty to provide protection to any individual. The sole duty of the sheriff is to carry out the bidding of the king. Considering the current situation in the United States, is there any question as to who that ( the King ) might be?


If I was from California I would had moved to Arizona years ago ! I’m native Texan so I will stay right here ! “Texas like a whole other country” ! And with any luck it will be again soon !


For the idiots in San Diego Co.who think LE will be there when they need them,’re dreaming ! I prefer to take care of my own self defense and then wait for LE.

Elliott Erhardt

this country was built on sec. amendment. Calif. is the land of fruits & nuts and is flowing over into NV. where I teach CCW it’s time to move to AZ. Their is to many laws being enforced use the ones we have on the Books


I lived here all my life. Applied for my ccw with Gore way back when the peruta case was filed. 4 weeks later everyone got a “dear john” letter. until there is a final discussion by the ninth circuit court we will keep you application on file. hen and if we allow ccw you will merely have to go to the clerk, no interview will be required. This Blows!!!!Here’s the worst part. This clown was reelected with no one running against him this last election. People here really believe they LEO’s will help them. In Hillcrest there are two fellas… Read more »