Pennsylvania Whitetail Traditions on Opening Day on Hollywood Hunter

Sportsman Channel, August 2, 2014 10 a.m. ET

Hollywood Hunter 3 Days 6 Hunters
Hollywood Hunter 3 Days 6 Hunters
Hollywood Hunter
Hollywood Hunter

USA – -( Six hunters, three days and numerous whitetails spotted on the Harteis stomping grounds in Pennsylvania as Freddy Harteis heads home to see who can score “bragging rights” for the year on this week’s Hollywood Hunter, exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

With uncles, cousins, in-laws and more, Harteis gets them all on a good buck, but who will come home with the nicest of them all?

Tune in to Hollywood Hunter on Sportsman Channel Saturday, August 2 at 10 a.m. ET.

Opening day in Pennsylvania isn’t a small deal, it is a big deal; with one million tags sold every year, hunters in this area treat opening day as a non-negotiable day in the woods, and yes, competition is a part of it. “There is an ongoing debate in the hunting community if hunting is a competition – I believe it is – it’s a competition between you and the animal,” said Harteis. “To be able to outsmart them as they are equipped with all the right tools to avoid predators of all shapes and sizes is a big deal. But we are all out here to enjoy ourselves and have a good experience.”

With near misses and great hits, the hunters end the three days with multiple deer down – but viewers will have to tune in to see who takes home the nicest beauty of them all.

Don’t think this is another show about an urban hunter trading a suit for camouflage. Harteis grew up hunting in Pennsylvania and was always along for the ride while his father harvested North America’s most-desired big game trophies. Now, Harteis is able to showcase his family’s ranch with world-class elk and mule deer episodes.  Los Angeles has never seen a better advocate for this industry as he rallies new blood to learn about the hunt.

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Tune in to Sportsman Channel’s “Hollywood Hunter” Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET.

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About Hollywood Hunter and Harteis Ranch:

From the glam of Hollywood to the rustic outdoors, The Hollywood Hunter follows big-game hunter Freddy Harteis and his celebrity wife, Jeannie Mai, (Fox Network’s, “The Real” premiering in September) as Freddy teaches the big city what hunting can be about, a thrilling adventure that gives back. City slickers, partners, and charities join in to build lifetime memories to showcase the hunt is more about the experience. Established in 1995, the Harteis Ranch is nicknamed, “Ranch O Bella Vista,” which translates into “Ranch of Beautiful Views.”With 9,000 square feet with all the accommodations of an exclusive resort, the Harteis Ranch has expanded to a hunter’s paradise, which includes first-class hunting cabins, a butcher shop, 30 plus ponds, over 20 miles of improved dirt roads and many other environmental considerations to improve the quality of habitat for the elk and other wildlife that call the Harteis Ranch home.

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Bret Woodruff

Would like to receive information on hunting the ranch in 2016. I am a semi disabled veteran and need to ground hunt.please send me a brochure on dates available and costs.

Thank you
Bret Woodruff
70 estall rd
Rochester ny 14616