Rep. Robin Kelly – An Embarrassment Among Embarrassments for Illinois

Anti-gun IL Democrat Robin Kelly
Anti-gun IL Democrat Robin Kelly
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-( The Prairie State has a long and bipartisan history of churning out elected officials who prove themselves to be utter embarrassments to the good people of Illinois.

Over the years, the 2nd Congressional District has done more than its share to uphold this tradition by giving us such luminaries as Gus Savage, Mel Reynolds and Jesse Jackson, Jr. Not satisfied with having burdened us with that trio of cartoon characters, the voters of the 2nd District have now delivered unto Congress one Robin Kelly – whose obsessive dislike for the people who own guns greatly outdoes the quirkiness of her predecessors.

As a three-term member of the Illinois House from the south suburbs, Kelly built a reputation of having contempt for the 2nd Amendment and the rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. While a member of the Illinois House, Kelly never met a gun control bill she didn’t adore. In short, Kelly’s tenure in the Illinois House was hallmarked by her unrelenting attacks on your constitutional rights.

Kelly seized the opportunity to advance her political career amid the chaos surrounding the dramatic and protracted exit from the House by Jesse Jackson, Jr. Kelly’s Congressional aspirations were bolstered after she furiously pinned the blame for the Newtown murders on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners. Kelly’s attacks on the NRA endeared her so much to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that he offered her the opportunity to sell her political soul in exchange for a $2 million campaign advertising budget. Facing the might of the gun-grabbing billionaire, Kelly’s competition soon fell away, giving Kelly a landslide victory worthy of a banana republic strongman.

In the year or so since her election to Congress, Robin Kelly has been busily organizing her campaign to take your guns away from you. The fruit of Kelly’s year-long endeavors is a slick 66-page tome on the evils of private firearm ownership self-servingly entitled “The Kelly Report.” Although we’re all sure that Kelly would like to take credit for all the gun-grabbery that spews forth from the report, most of what is contained within is merely a rehashing of 45 years’ worth of attempts to crush the 2nd Amendment.

Like any good politician, Robin Kelly knows how valuable a joke is in softening up the audience. The foreword to “The Kelly Report” is no exception. In her opening remarks, Kelly assures us that, “…the Kelly Report is NOT a manifesto against guns or gun owners. Let me be clear: I am not anti-gun. I am pro common sense.” So says Kelly but we must wonder if many on the report’s list of “Contributors” would admit to such a stance. We think not. But, then again, it’s a safe bet that Kelly’s brand of “common sense” would dictate that private firearm ownership be abolished.

If there is any doubt among you as to what Kelly has in mind for law-abiding gun owners, let’s put it to rest right here. Let’s examine the “gun safety” proposals contained in “The Kelly Report” and examine their effect on private firearm ownership. Keep in mind that Kelly asserts that her report achieves, “… striking the right balance between protecting our Second Amendment rights and promoting public safety by keeping guns out of the wrong hands.” Kelly has the audacity to claim that you, the law-abiding gun owner, has no reason to oppose the proposals contained in her report.

Well, let’s take a look at Kelly’s proposals from her report and see how many gun owners will subscribe to them.

1. Kelly: “Establish Universal Background Checks.” Us: We all know this is a red herring that should be entitled, “Universal Licensing, Registration and Confiscation.” Criminals are more than willing to risk violating a background check law on their way to committing bigger, more heinous crimes.

2. Kelly: “Reauthorize the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.” Us: In other words, ban and confiscate about 90% of the firearms owned by civilians. Does Kelly really believe this is something that gun owners will support?

3. Kelly: “Require Ammunition Sellers to Obtain a License.” Us: What Kelly really means to say is, “Let’s make ammunition more expensive and impossible to buy.”

4. Kelly: “Regulate Guns Like Other Potentially Dangerous Consumer Products.” Us: Kelly wants to turn jurisdiction over guns to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You know…the same folks who gave us lawnmowers with those gizmos and gadgets stuck all over them.

5. Kelly: “Help the ATF Track Straw Purchase Data.” Us: See #1 above.

6. Kelly: “Expand the Federal Definition of ‘Intimate Partner'” Us: First off, what business does the federal government have in defining who you are “intimate” with? This proposal would essentially allow anyone to whom you’ve ever said, “hello” to file an order to have your guns taken away from you.

7. Kelly: “Keep Guns From High Risk Individuals.” Us: In essence, “Keep guns from anyone who doesn’t fit Robin Kelly’s definition of ‘normal.'”

8. Kelly: “Examine Gun Violence as a Matter of Public Heath.” Us: In other words, dump tons of taxpayer dollars into schemes to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

9. Kelly: “Promote the Tracing of Firearms Used in Criminal Activity.” Us: See #1 above.

10. Kelly: “Waive Gun Manufacturer Liability Exemption” Us: Does Kelly really believe that gun owners will support legislation that would allow anti-gun crackpots to sue gun manufacturers out of existence?

11. Kelly: “Repeal Stand Your Ground Laws.” Us: Um, yes…let’s make sure that muggers, murderers, robbers and rapists meet no resistance.

12. Kelly:” Develop a Firearm Restraining Order Petition Process.” Us: Yes, let that idiot sister-in-law of yours swear out a warrant to have your guns taken away.

13. Kelly: “Expand Domestic Violence Statutes to Include Stalking and other Dangerous Activity.” Us: Just another excuse to progressively expand the envelope of ‘dangerous activity’ and increase the opportunities for firearm forfeiture.

14. Kelly: “Require Physicians to Ask Child-Wellness Questions to Pro­mote Home Safety.” Us: This is just another move towards the day when the government comes to your door and tells you that you can keep your kids or your guns, but you can’t keep both.

15. Kelly: “Increase Academic Research on the Costs of Gun Violence.” Us: See #8 above.

16. Kelly: “Invest in Smart Gun Technologies.” Us: If gun owners wanted this technology, then they’d be clamoring for it, but they’re not. We don’t need the government telling us what kinds of guns we should buy or not buy.

As if “The Kelly Report” wasn’t enough to convince everyone that Robin Kelly is a bit off kilter, the Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act just might. Introduced by Kelly to the Congress earlier this week, the bill would essentially prohibit anyone under 18 from participating in the shooting sports. Manufacturers could not make guns sized to young people’s dimensions. Advertising would be restricted from promoting shooting products or events for young people and young people could not appear on any advertising intended for young shooters. Through this bill, Kelly wants to prevent young people from ever acquiring an interest in shooting which, in turn, would lead to fewer adult shooters in the years ahead. Kelly wants to choke off interest in the 2nd Amendment.

It’s doubtful that the Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act or many of the recommendations contained in “The Kelly Report” will ever become law. In the mean time, we will be forced to endure the antics of Kelly and the other activists under Bloomberg’s wing. It’s a given that Kelly’s proposals will become more and more bizarre as time goes on.

Just because Robin Kelly is eccentric doesn’t mean she’s not dangerous. Under the right circumstances, Kelly’s offbeat proposals could gain traction in the U.S. House. It’s important that firearm owners keep an eye on Kelly and continually challenge her attacks on the right to keep and bear arms.

The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit:

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Michael K.

86 people die in the United States on average each day by a gun. And Pearson counters: 695 boys and girls between one and 15 years drowned in 2011

With 86 people killed per day are 31,390 in one year. From Weapon die 45 times more people than by drowning.

So swimming is not the problem!


That’s a nice shopping list of the types of legislation we should be ready to oppose when other activists and groups try to pass them locally or at the state level.

TSgt B

Just called her office to ask 2 questions: Who is her physician, and will he/she prescribe me the same meds for those times when I could use a vacation from reality?

Click…………dial tone…….


A picture is worth a thousand words. The picture says it all.


Another extreme left wing looney bird. She needs to get out of that office before one of her favored gang members pays her a visit. And to think that they call everyone in Cali a looney well this kelly belongs in the nut house or in a rubber room. She has gone off the deep end and IS going to cause a lot of trouble for the gun owners of this country.

Ray Burby

What else would one expect out of a liberal corrupt politician out of ill-annoy?


Maybe that thing on her tongue caused her irrational outburst in the picture?