Setting the Example, Unarmed and Untrust Worthy

By John Farnam

Lt. Col. Philip Eilertson,
Lt. Col. Philip Eilertson, addresses the audience after assuming command of Marine Aircraft Group 49 Detachment A during a change of command ceremony June 16, 2014. (U.S. Air Force photo by Ed Aspera)
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Watch These Experts!

In a local newspaper photo(not the official one shown above), a recent Marine “change of command” ceremony at Robins AFB in GA is depicted in enough detail to clearly reveal that at least two uniformed Marines are carrying M9 (Beretta 92F) pistols in fabric, flap belt-holsters.

All look snappy, but (I wish I were surprised) it is painfully obvious that neither pistol has a magazine inserted.

Good thing our military bases are so safe these days, eh?

In spite of endless flowery propaganda, the silent motto, obeyed like an oath throughout our current military services, has become:

“Trust no one!”

A decrepit, feeble foundation for any military!

“Among other evils which being unarmed brings, it causes you to be despised.” ~ Charlton Heston

… and we are, throughout the world!


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  • 8 thoughts on “Setting the Example, Unarmed and Untrust Worthy

    1. A history rife with negligent discharges is what drives this. Speaking from experience, trained soldiers will fire a round into a clearing barrel, fire off a round simply climbing spiral stairs up to a tower, MP’s will fire off a round getting into or out of their car, etc, etc, etc on a fairly predictable basis. I wish it wouldn’t happen, but it does.

      Yes they are trained. Yes they all understand the potential dangers. 95% of them will always be alert, aware and safe when handling their weapons. Then there is the other 5% that ruins it for everyone else.

      You don’t have to like it, but that is the situation in a nutshell. It is NOT because leadership fears a coup or mutiny. It is because leadership has WELL FOUNDED reasons to fear the hidden [email protected]$$ in the ranks who will suddenly and unexpectedly identify himself, usually at the worst possible place & time. Ergo, we go hot only when it is absolutely necessary to execute the mission. Even then, we have all fingers and toes crossed and are half-cringing, waiting for the *BANG*, followed by the “Aw $h!7!”

      1. But…Not even having the ability to “Go Hot”…
        Kind of leaves you with your azz hanging out.

    2. Military or Law Enforcement, whether you’re in uniform or not, you should be armed. Our paramilitary organizations should be run by real paramilitary people, not politicians.

    3. I remember when Hillary clinton was visiting a base in the Bosnia area in the 90s. The soldiers were reviewed and paraded past her with according to the unit armorer rifles and pistols with the firing pin removed.

    4. Disgusting and INSULTING. But we cannot possibly have our Dear Leader anywhere near armed people other than the Praetorian Guard, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO RESPECT AND OBEY THEIR OATHS.

    5. Military commanders who deny troops the right to carry guns on post for self defense are moral cowards. They are more fearful of a troop having a firearms accident than they are of soldier or his family being murdered by a criminal

      If there’s an accident, their careers are in trouble. If there’s a murder, there’s a nice memorial ceremony and the commander says some sad words, and his career moves right along.

    6. Its been that way for ages…… USMC stand guard at the White House and Embassies and Consulates around the world have unloaded Guns if they are even allowed to carry one. Guard duty is not always security duty, there is a reaction force out of sight..

      Even in the 2009 Inaugural Parade the guns carried by our military has the bolts removed or other wise made non operational. For safety.

      Sad but true!

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