5 Things to Look For When Buying an AR-15 Jig

AR-15 Gun Builders Jig
AR-15 Gun Builders Jig

ar-15-lowersIndianapolis, IN – -(Ammoland.com)- For those DIY AR-15 builders who enjoy completing their own 80% lowers, few things are as handy as a quality 80% AR-15 jig.

A well-constructed AR-15 jig can streamline the process of completion and provide a means to insure every step of the drilling and milling is done correctly.

Keys To A Quality AR-15 Jig : When shopping for an 80% jig there are a few items to consider. Taking the time to consider this criteria can make a big difference in the aesthetics and operation of your finished AR-15.

1. Quality Material

One of the first features to consider when buying an 80% jig is what type of material the jig is made from. While there are variations in materials, consider purchasing a jig that is robust, will perform well, and last for a considerable amount of time.

AR-15LowerReceivers.com 80% jigs are manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and built for premium performance. We manufacture each jig from top quality material in order to guarantee a lightweight yet rugged jig.

2. Tight Tolerances

Another feature to consider when purchasing your AR-15 jig is the tolerance the manufactured has held to through the production process. A tight tolerance will insure a tight fit and proper function of your fire control group.

AR-15LowerReceivers.com prides itself in offering +/- .001 tolerances on each jig. Just to give you a reference, a human hair measures around .005. We believe the quality and integrity of your AR build is reflected in the jig you choose.

3.  Warranty

Before you purchase an AR-15 jig, be sure to check with the manufacturer as to what kind of warranty is offered when you purchase a jig. If there is an issue with the product you don’t want the expense coming out of your pocket.

AR-15LowerReceivers.com 80% lower jigs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the product, simply return it within thirty (30) days and we’ll issue a full refund.

4. Step-by-Step Instructions

The last thing you need when completing your AR-15 jig is confusion. Your  lower jig should come with simple step-by-step instructions that don’t keep you guessing.

AR-15LowerReceivers.com offers detailed step-by-step instructions with each jig we ship. This provides peace of mind and ease of use for each DIY builder.

5. Customer Service

Few things can be as frustrating as trying to call a manufacturer with a question and no one answers the phone. Before you buy, find out if you receive any type of Customer Support with the purchase of your AR jig.

At AR-15LowerReceivers.com we believe the customer should be number one. That is why we offer live phone support with every jig we sell.

Bonus: Made In The USA

Should an issue arise with your jig, wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who speaks English? Plus, it’s always good to support American business.

Guess what? At AR-15LowerReceivers.com we speak English and manufacture every one of our jigs right here in the good ole’ USA.


While these are just a few items to consider before purchase, be sure to follow your instincts. Do your research and ask questions, such as: “Does the jig have any reviews?”

AR-15LowerReceivers.com jigs do:

“Great deal and easy to complete. Company very helpful if you run into a problem for first timers. These are better than polys and as good as if not better than the 6061 forges……highly recommend!” ~ Toby

Good product….great customer service. Would recommend and will be a returning customer.” ~ Chris

Just received my Jig. Very heavy duty. The one I received was bead blasted and had depth markings etched near the holes. I’m sure it will hold up to completing all five of my lowers for sure. Thanks Guys!!!!”
~ Mark

These and other common sense questions will prevent you from living with regret and will also help to avoid aggravation. Your DIY project should be fun and offer plenty of self-satisfaction — not frustration.

AR-15 Gun Builders Jig Top
AR-15 Gun Builders Jig Top

For more information or if you have questions concerning our 80% lower jigs, please feel free to contact us.

Be the next satisfied customer and happy AR builder! Start your next build with a AR-15LowerReceivers.com 80 Lower Jig!

For more infomation on AR-15lowerreceivers.com 80% lowers and stripped lowers please feel free to contact us.

About AR 15 Lower Receivers

AR-15 Lower Receivers is a seller of quality Mil Spec AR-15 80% lower receivers and 80% lower jigs and uses high quality materials to ensure superior strength and dependability.

Establishing these high standards within our company enables us to provide our customers with both ultimate performance and realized value. We are so confident in the products we manufacture, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on each product we sell (80% lowers not included) and guarantee our customers unparalleled customer service with each item they purchase.

Standing By The Second Amendment 
AR-15 Lower Receivers is proud to support the organizations that currently protect our right to bear arms. From the NRA, Friends of the NRA, Gun Rights Across America, Under Armor’s Wounded Warrior Project, Oakley’s Infinite Hero Foundation, and others, our goal is to back and promote the rights that have made this country great.

The Mission Is For You
AR-15 Lower Receivers’ state-of-the-art designs and continued innovation are beyond simple aesthetics. Our manufacturing processes, technological advances, ongoing engineering and research & development speak of our mission to meet the needs of our customers by providing a quality product at an affordable price.

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Allen Fox

Am interested in ar15 build kit and jig. Do you ever use7075 t6 aluminum? Don’t need cutting tools with jig. How long is delivery? Do you take card or check?