A Southern California UPS Delivery Driver is Arrested for Gun Trafficking Violations

By Justin Stakes

Turner's Outdoorsman
ATF has arrested a United Parcel Service Employee for suspicion of theft for dozens of firearms bound for a Turner's Outdoorsman located in Southern California as well as gun trafficking violations
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AmmoLand Gun News

Rancho Cucamonga –(Ammoland.com)– Federal investigators from the ATF have arrested a Southern California UPS driver for alleged gun trafficking violations on Friday July 25, 2014.

The 36 year old; Curtis Hays, has been accused of stealing dozens of firearms bound for Turner’s Outdoorsman, a firearms retailer located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The guns were initially stolen by the defendant through the UPS Ontario shipping hub, then sold to his accomplice for re-sale on the Black Market for illegal firearms.

A total of 72 firearms have been recorded throughout the indictment, including Kimber .45 caliber pistols, Browning Buck mark Camper .22 caliber pistols, ISSC MK22 .22 caliber rifles, and a few Benelli Super Nova 12-guage shotguns. The general thefts occurred in the San Bernardino County between May and October 2012.

Federal Agents became aware of this arduous situation after Turner’s Outdoorsman management alerted the local police about the missing shipments. According to the 16-count Indictment filed on July 23 2014, Hays is accused of not only firearms theft, but the indictment further entails his theft of over $7,000 in jewelry and $1,200 in smartphones that were destined for Costco.

UPS Driver Theft Superseding Indictment
UPS Driver Firearms Theft – Superseding Indictment Photo

“After defendant White received the stolen firearms or other goods from defendant Hays, defendant White would distribute, sell, and otherwise dispose of such firearms and other goods. Defendant White would distribute some of the firearms to P.C. and L.C.,” according to the indictment.

The accomplice responsible for selling the stolen goods has been named by prosecutors as 35 year old Dennis Dell White Jr., of Moreno Valley. Both Hays and White have been charged with conspiracy, six counts of receipt and possession of stolen firearms, six counts of firearm theft, and two counts of theft, receipt, and possession of goods in interstate and foreign commerce.

The indictment also mentions two anonymous culprits involved in the case under the initials P.C. and L.C. who currently remain uncharged.

Curtis Hays faces up to 20 years in prison, while Dennis White Jr. is additionally charged with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition and could face up to 30 years in federal prison.

Article by Justin Stakes
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    1. I’ve ALWAYS had trouble with UPS. All of my firearm-related packages have arrived either damaged or opened – and not in the official way. I’m not surprised to see that one of their own was bought up on criminal charges.

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