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Belleville, NJ –-( This week on Gun For Hire Radio #168… 64 year old Saddle Brook, New Jersey resident suffers stabbing and then arrested for possession of what police say was too much gun powder.

Police execute search warrant, pry open gun safes and impound entire collection of over 200 rare firearms. The victim now faces prison time. Anthony with lessons learned.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Arrested For To Much Gun Powder – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

    1. Judging from the containers I would say most pre-date any of NJ laws , creating an Ex-post facto situation . 50 years of reloading can do that.
      Thank god Alaska has not lost its way with firearm laws.

    2. If they had a fit over that, they would sh$t a gold biscuit if they saw my stash. Of course I have very little black powder.

    3. In most municipalities the Fire Marshall sets limits on how much reloading powders can be stored in a house. Anything over that level must be kept in a specially constructed “powder magazine” storage shed that is routinely inspected by the fire dept.

      In my town, you can keep only 50 lbs. of smokeless or 20 lbs. of BP in your home.

    4. I refuse to spend a single cent in such states ,(or rather occupied territories) by any means…. BOYCOTT SUCH EXAMPLES IS MY ADVICE. And keep your eyes open and powder dry!

    5. Eric in some states that would be considered the makings of an explosive device. the thing is in some states they will only allow just so much powder such as NJ and in NY. These anti gun states just do not want people reloading their own ammo and that is just down right sad. But to have this mans collection just up and taken away from him no that’s not right, it was for his gun collection that he was arrested for someone wanted it more than he did and so came up with these bogus charges.

    6. From what I initially understood it was 300 pounds of black powder. Before we give a low whistle to that let’s consider that natural gas is just as explosive BUT, we don’t want to get sidetracked by this and forget that this guy WAS THE VICTIM and now has been victimized yet again by NJ!

      I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, NJ gun owners should MOVE out of the State. Don’t delude yourselves into thinking you’ll ever take the state back. You will not. Your state is lost, understand that and just make a plan to move.

    7. Whats too much gun powder, h50bmg powder I get about 31 rounds per pound for my rifle. So to load 250 rounds I need 9 pounds of powder. now that doesn’t work in any of my other rifles so an assortment of pistol , rifle powders is needed. Might have 15-20 lbs at any given time.

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