Brady Background Checks on Gun Purchases – A Dismal Failure

Brady Law Fail
Brady Law Fail
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( Another big story that the liberal media pounced on was the death of James Brady last week.

Brady was critically injured during the failed assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life in 1981.  Brady survived the attack and pressed for a background check law that now bears his name.

While the anti-gun Left claims these Brady background checks have been a success, recent Justice Department reports show otherwise.

As the graphic above shows, only 13 bad guys were actually taken off the streets for illegally trying to buy guns in one year.

Nevertheless, Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats want to expand background checks to include all gun buyers — a scheme that would help this administration to establish an illegal gun registry.

Before departing for their August recess, Senator Reid promised he would schedule an upcoming vote on universal background checks — perhaps in the early fall.

GOA will be watching the Senate closely and will alert you to any movement on this front.  Click here to sign up for GOA’s email alerts if you received this as a forward from someone else.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Brady Background Checks on Gun Purchases – A Dismal Failure

    1. Yeah, right! What a joke! I am a life member of both the NRA and the GOA and when I was wrongfully denied through a NICS check in retrieving a firearm that I already owned but had pawned for a few extra bucks… NEITHER organization would get involved. Here some 3 1/2 years later and by pressuring the dimbulb at Senator John Cornyn’s office (R-TX) (An NRA Grade A guy!) it took to filling out a VAF form to get a special UPIN number so I wouldn’t have to go throuth the stupidity of the entire NICS background check system, which by the way relied on information from (4) other agencies that knw absolutley NOTHING in the first place… It also took a letter from the ATF to the FBI to tell them, “Ah? ahem, uh, yeah, it’s OK for Mr. Romeu to purchase, own, transfer firearms…” BUT? WHERE were my two sworn to duty organizations that were to BE THERE FOR ME in this situation? Probably out campaigning an issue because a teenager got caught wearing a t-shirt to school with the image of the state of Florida, that might have looked like a gun! NO thanks to ANY of you!

    2. Can i pay 13/72659% of income tax as that is the percent of enforcing our nations laws while giving billions to foreign countries that I do not care if they were all to die.

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