California Ammunition Sales Purchase Permit & Registration Bill Fight Heats Up

Online Ammo Ban SB53
Online Ammo Ban SB53

Charlotte, NC –-(  Your calls, e-mails and faxes are working!  Senate Bill 53 has been stalled on the Assembly floor for days awaiting a vote.

State legislators have admitted receiving tens of thousands of e-mails OPPOSING SB 53.

The war over SB 53 is heating up in Sacramento and now anti-gun advocates are attempting to split gun owners by trying to buy the support of hunters.  The newest amended version of SB 53 will continue to BAN the mail and internet sales of ammunition to firearms owners in California, unless you have a hunting license.  Supporters of SB 53 think that they can pretend to be “pro- hunting” while they are still violating the rights of firearms owners statewide.

Because of your efforts to OPPOSE SB 53, the supporters of SB 53 are desperately trying to SAVE AND PASS SB 53 by watering it down to benefit of select group of gun owners.

You can be sure that if SB 53 is enacted this year, they will be back in 2015 to pass the full agenda of restricting ammunition sales to the rest of the law-abiding firearms owners in California.

Call AND e-mail the state Assembly NOW and tell them that hunters ARE firearms owners AND we stand UNITED in OPPOSING SB 53.  Contact information for the state Assembly can be found here.

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  • 6 thoughts on “California Ammunition Sales Purchase Permit & Registration Bill Fight Heats Up

    1. Many states require the passing of a test to obtain a hunting license. Such legislation, like the California bill, amounts to a law requiring people to pass a test to buy ammunition. A state can set up this law in such a way as to effectively say ” we can make sure few people can pass this test by simply making it hard to take the course in the first place” It’s a way to dry up ammunition sales. All people should oppose these laws, not just the folks of Ca.

    2. In the state of NJ one has to take a course and pass a test to get a hunting license. If this is also true in California, or other states, a law like this amounts to “you can’t buy ammunition unless you pass our test and we can make sure few of you can pass the test (just by not offering the course you need to take to pass)”. Think about this. Everyone should oppose a law like this, not just those in Ca.

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