Confederate Flag Raised to Honor Those Who Fought; NAACP Says It Honors Slavery

By AWR Hawkins

Confederate Flag
Confederate Flag Raised to Honor Those Who Fought; NAACP Says It Honors Slavery
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  A Confederate flag flies at mile marker 134 on Interstate 95 in Virginia, raised by the Virginia Flaggers “to honor the 246,000 Confederate soldiers who fought in separate battles in the Fredericksburg vicinity during the Civil War,” according to Fox News.

They see the flag as a symbol of “pride, not racism.”

However, they are being countered by the NAACP, which says the flag does symbolize “racism, oppression… [and] reminds people of slavery.”

Virginia Flaggers' Barry Isenhour told The Washington Post that “he doesn't think of the flag as a symbol of a fight to preserve slavery because” he doesn't think the Civil War was over slavery to begin with. Rather, Isenhour said the Confederates were fighting against “Northern aggression.

Stafford County spokeswoman Cathy Vollbrecht said there have been numerous “complaints and inquiries” about the flag, but there are no plans to take it down. She said her office determined that “no laws have been violated.”

What do you think? Is this a nod to slavery or tribute to Confederate civil war soldiers?

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  • 20 thoughts on “Confederate Flag Raised to Honor Those Who Fought; NAACP Says It Honors Slavery

    1. I gotta story for you google black vet receives confederate flag from neighbor.

      He told me the only reason he didn’t hang it up outside is because he didn’t wanna offend me.

    2. An example of racism is “Black Entertainment Television”,not the history of the South’s finest fighting men defending their freedom.

    3. @Oldshooter,at Klan rallies they fly as many American flags as Confederate ! Does the naacp think the American flag represents slavery too ? Who gives a flying F*CK what the africans think ???? The Stars and Bars will continue to be flown by anyone,anytime, anyplace they want ! If the africans dont like it dont look at it ! By giving into everything africans want,look what they hell its gotten us !

    4. I believe that the political issues were the usual vague issues of power for the politicians in various groups, but they are largely irrelevant to the men who actually fight and die in wars. Wars are typically fought by young men who have been persuaded by their governments, of the rightness of their cause, and that “the cause” is important enough to warrant risking your life to take the lives of others on the fields of battle. The great tragedy of the Civil War was that it was fought by ordinary men on each side, and those men were fighting it for completely different reasons. The soldiers and sailors on the north were persuaded to fight it for two reasons: 1) to abolish slavery, and 2) to preserve the union. Those in the Confederate army and navy, were persuaded to fight it for two different reasons: 1) the right (originally guaranteed under the Constitution) of states to secede if they no longer wanted to be part of the Union, and, 2) to protect their homes after the initial attacks on their states by the Union army.

      The problem is that both sides were “Right” in their own view, and a good argument can be made for each side’s perspective. In either case, both sides, it would seem to me, have the right to honor their veterans by flying the flags under which those veterans fought and died.

      The NAACP has chosen to dislike the Confederate flags because they were flown by the side that wanted to continue slavery. That’s fine, but really has nothing to do with the issue of honoring deceased veterans. So long as the “Stars and Bars” is not being flown in a demonstration in support of slavery or anti-black sentiment, they have no reasonable objection to its being done. When the KKK fly the same flag in their anti-black rallies, THEN the NAACP has a reason to object to it.

    5. If that flag stands for slavery then the NAACP stands for all the blacks sold into slavey by other blacks in Africa and the long history of African slavery.

    6. The naacp is about advancement of africans ? Those fools really need to work on that ! Advanced how ! Africans have regressed bigtime since the War between the States,not advanced at all ! Africans either want government handouts or steal ! How the hell is that advancement ?

    7. I’ll go along with TEX. About 1% of the South had slaves, the remainder were just people working to take care of their families, like now. I think if NAACP wants to make a case, they should see how long slavery lasted under the Stars and Stripes, then call everyone racist. However, it was about States Rights, and nothing more for 99% that did not own slaves. If things don’t change, we’ll all be slaves to someone soon. And I ask, as another fella said, where is the 13th Star of the Confederate Flag….it is the only flag that represents all the States of the Confederacy ….guess you need to buy from the South and not from the Yankees or China……

    8. The naacp needs to read there history books because the confederate flag does not represent anything about slavery. The civil war was not about slavery it was about the north oppressing the south way of life. I say that the blacks need to grow up and accept the American history that made this country what it used to be until 2008 when it has started its most unimaginable and rapid downfall since this country was founded and it is not over yet. the confederate flag is as much a part of our history as is the star spangled banner that we now call our flag. LONG LIVE THE SOUTH. from the heart of dixie It is happening all over again right now in front of every American citizen and if WE THE PEOPLE do not take off our blinders and unite together and take a stand to fight our ever increasingly corrupt government then we will be back to the same oppression as we fought to suppress in the civil war. It is time to take OUR country back NOW more than ever before in OUR history.

    9. Some here have written that the Confederate Flag represents secession and, that is not completely untrue. There was a reason for the southern state’s decision to secede, however. They saw an ever encroaching federal government intent on ruling over their state’s rights. Three quarters of a million southerners, mostly farmers and mountain men, did not go to war in order to preserve the rights of a minority to continue owning slaves. They fought to push back against what they perceived as tyranny from Washington. They fought for self-determination. This should all sound oddly familiar, as history is repeating itself. Seems many Americans failed to study their own past or, they bought into the liberal revisionist falsehoods about it.

    10. Once again lets rewrite history because it doesn’t follow our objectives, Fact: there were thousands of black slave owners in the south.

    11. “no laws have been violated”…The naacp doesn’t even have the smarts to know the laws before they open their big mouths to make their ignorant comments! This is one reason no one respects them anymore. Aren’t we so tires of hearing about this representing slavery and that representing slavery. News Flash, we already fixed the problem! I say fly that flag high and proud!

    12. For groups like the NAACP and more Washington clowns than you can count, keeping racism alive is a very profitable and politically beneficial venture. There seems to be a way to make everything a racial issue.

      This is still America. Fly whatever flag you wish, as long as you are not injuring anyone.

    13. The NAACP will only see what they want to see…the Confederate Flag does NOT represent slavery. It represents a group of States that tried to break away from the Union…what the NAACP doesn’t see or want to see is that they are being sucked into a form of “slavery” by our current administration…as are we ALL.

    14. There is a right to free speech & a right to disagree with what others say. In that sense the flaggers & the NAACP are exercising their rights. While the north was wrong to prevent southern secession the south was wrong to protect slavery. The north wasn’t interested in ending chattel slavery only in maintaining the south in political slavery, this much is true. The southern states made very clear in their secession resolutions that they were defending slavery. That is nothing to celebrate.

      “The question of treason is distinct from that of slavery; and is the same that it would have been, if free States, instead of slave States, had seceded.

      “On the part of the North, the war was carried on, not to liberate slaves, but by a government that had always perverted and violated the Constitution, to keep the slaves in bondage; and was still willing to do so, if the slaveholders could be thereby induced to stay in the Union.

      “The principle, on which the war was waged by the North, was simply this: That men may rightfully be compelled to submit to, and support, a government that they do not want; and that resistance, on their part, makes them traitors and criminals.

      “No principle, that is possible to be named, can be more self-evidently false than this; or more self-evidently fatal to all political freedom. Yet it triumphed in the field, and is now assumed to be established. If it really be established, the number of slaves, instead of having been diminished by the war, has been greatly increased; for a man, thus subjected to a government that he does not want, is a slave. And there is no difference, in principle — but only in degree — between political and chattel slavery. The former, no less than the latter, denies a man’s ownership of himself and the products of his labor; and [*iv] asserts that other men may own him, and dispose of him and his property, for their uses, and at their pleasure.

      “Previous to the war, there were some grounds for saying that — in theory, at least, if not in practice — our government was a free one; that it rested on consent. But nothing of that kind can be said now, if the principle on which the war was carried on by the North, is irrevocably established.

      “If that principle be not the principle of the Constitution, the fact should be known. If it be the principle of the Constitution, the Constitution itself should be at once overthrown.”

      –Lysander Spooner, No Treason, No. 1, 1867

    15. Why would anyone with half a brain listen to anything that the NAACP says? Like too many formerly good organizations, the NAACP has betrayed the founders of the organization. If they were so concerned about erasing slavery from the corporate memory of America, why do they support the Democrat party, which has done a fine job of keeping them enslaved by telling minorities that they’re just too damned stupid to make it on their own?

    16. The Confederate Battle Flag was a sign of an epic battle to secede from the Union. It was not a sign of slavery. Because what some people believed in (slavery) was a way of life for Southern family’s. It was not a correct way of life enslaving, owning people. Lets get it straight. The Civil war was about Secession.

    17. I would say the better arbiter of such views are the black confederate veteran organizations. I suspect they would disagree with the NAACP.

    18. Long live the South and the Stars and Bars ! Many of tens thousands of Proud White Southerners died fighting for that flag and what it represents. If the naacp dont like that,they can kiss my ass !

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