Dartmouth Student to ‘Drop Out’ Unless She Can Carry Gun to Fend Off Stalker

By AWR Hawkins

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Dartmouth Student to ‘Drop Out' Unless She Can Carry Gun to Fend Off Stalker
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  A Dartmouth student who has been the victim of stalking says she will “drop out” of the Ivy League school if they won't allow her to carry a gun for self-defense.

20-year old Taylor Woolrich claims 67-year old Richard Bennett has “been stalking her since she was 16.”

According to the Daily Mail, Bennett is currently in jail in California–where Woolrich is from–“on charges of violating a restraining order filed by Woolrich.” Police say he had a “rape kit” in his car when apprehended. The kit included “a flashlight, gloves, binoculars, and a rope tied in a noose.”

Woolrich says she checks “the inmate lookup online” every morning to see if he's been released.

“I feel safe for now,” she said, “but the day he gets out is the day I have to leave Dartmouth.”

Woolrich has asked the school to allow her to carry a gun for self-defense and even offered to get a concealed carry license to do so, but “university officials told her there was ‘no way' she could carry a gun on campus, regardless of whether she obtained a license.”

School officials said “[they] are equipped and committed to providing the best safety possible for all [their] students.”

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  • 2 thoughts on “Dartmouth Student to ‘Drop Out’ Unless She Can Carry Gun to Fend Off Stalker

    1. I see the school is putting out a meaningless statement that they “are equipped and committed to providing the best safety possible..” It would be interesting to see if they’d be willing to issue a statement that they WILL protect her. Of course they won’t do that, (really can’t in fact) but it would make some interesting media fodder if they were to publicly refuse to say it, yet also refuse to allow her to defend herself.

    2. Just carry for gods sake, they do not call it CCW for nothen. If you ever have to use a weapon with deadly force it will be no different that the psychiatrist that had to shoot an armed patient in his office bent on killing him and others. The hospital and his office was quote: (gun free zone)

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