Death Toll Grows as Wisconsin Wolves Kill 5th Pet Dog & Cattle, Residents on Edge

Dog Killed By Wolf
Death Toll Grows a Wisconsin Wolves Kill 5th Pet Dog & Cattle, Residents on Edge
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MADISON, WI –-(  On August 9th 2014, Wisconsin Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed  a 4 year old Walker/Blue Tick hound. The attack occurred in the Town of Mercer, Iron County.

Wolf attacks on livestock and hunting hounds escalated this past week in the Upper Peninsula, with reports of three events just days apart.

Two additional reported attacks occurred on Monday and Wednesday in Schoolcraft and Delta counties, according to Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Debbie Munson Badini. A nearby resort owner said two hunting dogs were killed in each attack.

Days earlier, over the weekend in Dickinson County, a wolf killed one cow. The landowner also killed the wolf.

“It feels like a war zone. It’s scary man. It’s crazy,” said Bill Thome, owner of Kenbuck Resort in Schoolcraft County, near where the dogs were killed. He says there have been multiple sightings this summer.

“One was running right down the middle of the freakin’ road.” reported John Barnes on

More information and a caution area map are available on the Wisconsin Wildlife gray wolf webpage.

Hikers, families and hunters are reminded to use extreme caution and reference area maps on the Wisconsin DNR website (, keyword “wolf management“) to help reduce conflicts during this year's bear dog training and hunting season as well as anyone just out for a walk with your dogs.

“Now we can even allow our children to play in our yard or even walk our dogs leashed as the wolves are so bold” said one Mercer resident. “No one that lives here wanted these monsters, it was all out of state busy bodies that know nothing about the UP.”

Anyone suspecting more wolf attacks in northern Wisconsin should call USDA-WS immediately at 1-800-228-1368 (in state) or 715-369-5221. In southern Wisconsin call 1-800-433-0663 (in state) or 920-324-4514.

The Wolf reality check comes just in time as the Michigan Legislature could move forward as early as this week on a measure to ensure wolf hunting in the Upper Peninsula.

The expected vote is the result of an initiated law, following the submission of petition signatures. If the legislature does not act on the pro-wolf hunting measure by the end of the month, it would go to the statewide ballot.

If approved by the legislature, it would make moot two other statewide referendums designed to stop wolf hunting in the U-P.

The effort to resume wolf hunting was the result of some residents of the U-P who say an increasing number of wolves are getting too close to populated areas and are threatening both children, pets and wildlife.

Wolf & Wolf Packs
Death Toll Grows a Wisconsin Wolves Kill 5th Pet Dog & Cattle, Residents on Edge
  • 7 thoughts on “Death Toll Grows as Wisconsin Wolves Kill 5th Pet Dog & Cattle, Residents on Edge

    1. Reasonable expectations,
      Should farmers have reasonable expectations that their cattle not be attacked by wolves, bears or mountain lions? Of course! As a mechanic, do I have reasonable expectations that my tools that help me make a living are not stolen or destroyed? Of course! Should you be able to go coon hunting or even tie your hound dog out at night? Of course! Do we all have reasonable expectations that other Americans would not call us nasty names like hillbilly, redneck or stupid? I now fear mountain lions when I am deer hunting. I did not have to when I was a kid. We have no defense against a mountain lion while walking too our tree stands before daylight, yet six pair were released in my state last year? Money that supports the wolf, the mountain lion and many other numbskull ideas beyond my comprehension come from the hunting and shooting sports. This begs the question, were the hunters consulted before these decisions were made? Hunters and shooters are never consulted when it comes to future wildlife concerns. ???? And the foolishness continues?? Good luck numbskulls!

    2. Only an Idiot would leave his dog outside to be eaten. How about we tie you up outside for the evening and see how you fare.

    3. shoot the damn things! You have every god given right to protect yourself/your families/your pets and your livestock >> quit allowing the wolves to run your lives!!! Enough IS Enough!!

    4. tim on August 12, 2014 at 12:53 AM said:

      stop taking your dogs out into the woods you ignorant worthless hillbilly rednecks.

      The ignorant person here is yourself, with your rude, unthinking abuse.

      You plainly have no knowledge whatsoever of the wolf problem, including the killing of a school teacher last year in Alaska.
      You want the same situation as in eastern Europe, where several children are killed & eaten every year.

      1. Look people humans do not think that maybe those wolves are doing what they are born to do they have lived in these areas for centuries generation to generation. We are in their habitat and they continue to hunt and if we take their food than who and/or what do u think they will eat. They will eat humans and whatever they can scavenge

    5. You know this story is getting ridiculous ! For a fee,I will get a few of my buddies and head up to WI and take care of that wolf problem ! Are these idiots using their pet dogs as bait !!! In Texas,our dogs are family ! Nobody messes with our dogs,people or wolves !

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