Did Illinois Concealed Carry Review Board Deny Your Carry License?

Illinois Concealed Carry License Denied
Illinois Concealed Carry License Denied

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- Hundreds of individuals who applied for an IL Concealed Carry License were denied by the Concealed Carry License Review Board without the board offering an opportunity for applicants to address the board or offer evidence on their own behalf.

Letters went out to applicants informing them they denied because the board determined they were a danger to themselves or others but did not state what circumstances or evidence was used as a basis for these denials.

Some denials have even been proven to be cases of mistaken identity.

IllinoisCarry, on behalf of our members, is a plaintiff in a legal challenge against the Concealed Carry License Review Board for denying licenses to individuals without due process.

We want to be prepared with a list of our member or supporters who were denied if and when the court requires us to provide it. If you have been denied without any notification of the nature of the objections or an opportunity to respond to the board on your own behalf, please reply to this email alert with the following info:

  • Name
  • Address on license application
  • License application number
  • Date of denial letter
  • If applicable, court and case number of individual case challenging denial

A copy or scan of the denial letter you received would be ideal, as it would contain most of the relevant information. Please understand we may need to provide this information to the State and/or the court and identify you as members of Illinois Carry, as this may be necessary to the extent you may want to share in any relief that the court orders in our case.

If the court rules in our favor, it will be entirely up to each member whether they want to participate in the ruling.

Thank you,
Valinda Rowe
IllinoisCarry.com spokesperson

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois. Visit www.IllinoisCarry.com

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    1. I don’t understand why Illinois want to b so different than any other states about concealed carry permits they were force to by the supreme court to do so. the crime rate is terrible their .All those that were denied should go after the state of Illinois.

      1. Every month for nine months i have been getting a 30 day under review notice .they didnt give me thirty days to pay them ,

          1. It’s going on 10 months for me, Every Month They telling me It’s Under Review , and a another 30 days, That Sucks.

            1. Same for me it’s been a whole year. They keep saying it’s under review, there was an objection and the review board will need an extra 30 days. What is the real problem.

            2. The same here i have been waiting for about 3 years and all i keep getting is the board needs a another 30 days, I do not know what to do or how to proceed.

          1. I received 4 letter since Feb 2016, stating they need 30 days for Board Review. I don’t have no felonys and no misdemeanors. Illinois is the only state that s requires you to carry a license to carry a gun. I think they still violating your constitutional rights. You can receive a FOID card faster than CCL. In other words you can buy a gun, but you can not carry it. How ridiculous is that.

        1. Yes I have been waiting so long for no reason they have my money. Are they just scamming me. Now I’m being told its been to long and I need to reapply. So they can steal another $300. from me ? Also it seems all the research I have been doing leads nowhere almost as if they are not wanting all the people to know they are scamming us and none of us get together and file a class action lawsuit on IL.. I’m 56 years old and I know kids that have there CCW and they have friends who are gang members. We should all file a class action lawsuit against IL state and the IL state police . Or at least be refunded.

      2. I have been receiving a 30 day extension notice by the review board since July 2015. Clearly we are all upset about this. Does anyone know of anything that can be done about this? I have called, and e-mailed ISP. They told me that there is nothing that I as a citizen can do. I just have to wait.


          everybody who was lied to and made to wait should spend about 20.00 dollar’s each
          making copies of one of your letters from the il. state police
          put them in a big envelope and on a friday night take it to the post office and mail them all on the same date to the govenors office they should all be delivered at the same time there’s tens of thousands
          of us being treated like this it would flood the office and maybe he will finally do something

          1. Here is another thing that you can do: everyone that was lied to and made to wait could all buy about $20.00 of gasoline, all on the same night….. Just a joke, Utah Data Collection Center. Ha ha.

      3. They are doing the same thing to my cousin and he carries a firearm for his job here in illinois… he even has his ccw for utah, arizona and florida, but his own home state is denying him. Its been a year since they first denied him and he paid again this year to reapply and they keep giving 30 day board review notices for the past 5 months.
        Is there anyone out there with legal advice or any recommendations.

        1. I I received 9 letters from ISP with no explanation on why I’m receiving these letters. I contacted Channel 7 News to do an investigation on why I’m receiving these letters maybe everyone on this site should do the same thing. This is actually violating your Constitutional Right especially when you don’t have no felonies or misdemeanors. I was told that Sheriff Tom Dart is holding up the CCL.

          1. Why havent all the denials gotten together and filed a class action suit ..if you meet the requirement and you have no arrest in the last 7 years with no felony convictions it seems you meet the general description of the law your not going anywhere by b****ing about it here.

    2. I also was denied my concealed carry license.they said that I was a danger to myself and to others.then tell me why I have a foid card.

    3. I was denied my illinois cow with no explanation. The letter said I was a dander to myself or others. But i hold other states and a illinois foid card. And have no way to reply

    4. I have received a letter asking for more time from the state police. They stated 30 days for an answer from the Review Board unless more information is requested. I have not received no notice and its going on 2 months from this letter.It has been over 120 day since application was excepted. I called the State Police and claim they need 3 more members for the new Review Board.She claimed it could be months before a decision could be made, but they are getting close to making selections.What the story ?

    5. The letter says I was danger to myself and others but I’ve been a armed and unarmed security officer for over 20 years. I also have my UTTA and ARIZONA CCW. So why am I denied a CCW in Illinois ?

    6. I did my app on march 3 2015 I’m under board review they ask for 30days more to give an answer it’s been 134 days now and still under that status contacted ISP and there answer was there’s nothing they can do but wait for the board to make a decision they also stated that I’m right they have went past the time but I have to still wait is there away to contact the review board ?

      1. I am in the same boat! I just keep getting letters stating that they need an additional 30 days! I guess they can just keep sending out those letters as much as they want every 30 days! The bull crap that I am under review is because I was arrested back in 2010 BUT it was a mistake and it was thrown out, never was charged with anything! So I am guessing that because of that Will County objected without even looking at the circumstances! It is all bull****ttt

    7. I also have been under board review for over 90 days even though I paid for fingerprints to expedite the process.I keep getting letters saying the board needs another 30 days .I am a honorably discharged combat Marine 8-years of service. I have never been arrested or even pulled over by the Police .I have a valid Foid card for 22 years . So you tell me what is going on . Also I work armed security six days a week . This process does not make any good sense.

      1. Wow this is unbelievable I to spent 8 plus years in the service and Ive been waiting since mid March for my CCP Im still under board review I think we should find some king of way to band together and make them hear our voices

        1. I totally understand and agree. My CCW application was accepted on March 27th, 2015 and as of today, October 6th 2015 is still under board review. I’ve called the ISP but to no avail. I’ve served 12 years in the United States Military, worked as a licensed armed professional in the state of Illinois and in certain capacities requiring completion and passing of a polygraph examination. I have no criminal background not even a traffic citation yet It seems that the review board operates with complete impunity! Totally inefficient and incompetent!

    8. I applied in November of 2014 and was put under board review in January of 2015 it has been 9 months and still no change is there anyway I can check the waiting time with the state does anyone have any answers for us?

    9. I did my ccw in November of 2014 as of October 10 2015 it is still under board review smh call state police numerous of time still no answer for me.

    10. I had only one arrest that was expunged but cpd forgot to take it out of system, they apologized but because of there mistake I’m under board review

    11. Damn some of you guys making me nervous considering the fact you’ve been under board review for almost a year,I’ve put my application in July 27 th 2015, been under board review since August 2015, still no answer about shit, I paid 55 bucks to get my finger print scanned for a faster process, but that shit didn’t work, so I’m out of 400 plus dollars for class, application fee and fingerprints, I’m so fed up with illinois and their inconvenience, they don’t give a shit about us,they won’t even give a answer or a way to contact them!!! I just wish I can get my fucking money back and get armed in another state!!!!

    12. I paid twice the first time I got denied, that’s when there was no explanation. So after I found out they will tell you which law enforce agency objected to my application, I applied for the second time. In which it’s been since 7july 2015 I’m under board review still. Also I am a member of the Illinois National Guard Sergeant First Class. I can carry in another country but not in my own city go figure

    13. this makes no sense, they sent me an objection letter, then state that the review board makes the final decision, who is it that Objects? and what is the review boards number? I have no back ground arrest at all, and if denied, will i be reimbursed?

    14. Its all about money Ive been under board review since 5/04/15.NO convictions and my current feeling is that i really dont care anymore
      .Its all about money if they had this bullshit background first and the state issued a cert to take the training then you take the class these so call CCW classes popping up all over wouldnt be able to pray on people stealing your money..
      So you pay these so called experts a background check, fingerprints, and ooops we didnt tell you but we need more time..and here we go law abiding citizens denied why well? Who the fuck know. Whats the NRA doing about it this?
      This complete and utter bullshit..I paid this broke ass state money had a background check for state jobs, airport security checks to do my job never been convicted, have a foid card and these pussies have the balls to keep giving 30 this 30 day that. Im a law abading citizen of the United States I just live in the wrong state where criminals run free and the police and state goverment continue to overlook the second ammendent…Lawyers are scumbags who cant help your problems and tell you its going to be 5000 to right a letter and up to 100000 to get it in court.. google theses scum bags there all on the tit this ccw thing was all lies and bullshit sorry you guys were robbed like I was thay can stick my 400 and my wasted weekend up there ass..

    15. I applied the end of April, been under board review since middle of May, I received 30 day notices every month, I don’t get how the board is not following the law but we have to, I wonder if a call to Governor will.speed up the process.

    16. I applied March 22nd 2015 I keep receiving 30 day letters I’ve had my FOID card for a while I used to work for homeland security and I can’t get a CCW in Illinois what the fuc this is crazy. If any of you find a way to get some informations please post it

    17. I did my ccl application in nov of 2014 as of February 21 2016 my application is still under board review in I also received 3 letter that they need 30 aditional days smh.

    18. It seems that about 90 percent of you in the comments section here have your dunce caps on . The state is broke people ! Budget crisis ring a bell ?. Or is that just fancy talk . They can’t pay these idiots they don’t even meet anymore which is why everyone is just getting letter after letter . No a call to the governor will not speed up the process as he is the one who appointed these people in the first place .

      Don’t you guys see ?. It’s all political nonsense it’s a game for them . Btw yes resisting arrest will disqualify you .

      1. No Governor Quinn appointed the board. I was also denied. Based on while seeking custody of my son. His mother filed two restraining orders against me. Her lawyer used this method until he was warned by the judge. I received the info on why the denial was issued. Brought the ISP to court. The state claimed they had some sealed file. Upon the Judge examination of the file. My attorney located some felons records in my file. What’s really sad he had a completely different name. Not to mention the local PD objections from a 24 year old case that was thrown out. Moving on the Judge kicked it back to ISP Board and stated nothing in my records denies my CCW. March 8 2016 is the last day for board review. Not to mention the ISP printer has been down. So I will wait until the 8th. If I receive another denial. I’m certain the judge will enter a order for CCW. Soon after I will file sue for reimbursement.

      2. I noticed you mentioned a resisting arrest would be considered a disqualifying mark. How about for those with no adult reports, arrests, or convictions period. Entire adult life clean as can be. However I have a juvenile resisting arrest charge. It has been expunged (I realize ISP and other agencies may see past expungement, but it should at least serve as as step taken to put the issue behind me.) Over 10 years ago as a kid. Would you expect this to be dq for my permit?

      3. I have a resisting arrest charge from 10+ years ago as a juvenile. I was convicted with a misdemeanor and served 1 year probation successfully. My entire adult record is free from any blemish. No reports, arrests or convictions. Will my mistake as a juvenile be held against my app as a DQ? I am hoping the board would consider I have not had any issues throughout my entire adult life. Ive had my juvenile record expunged. I understand agencies may look beyond expungement, however I am hoping they view as a step toward putting things behind me. I was 15 when the issue happened and I am 27 now. Since then I have went to college, held honors and have held consistent employment and raised a family. Any feed back would be appreciated.

      4. the dems just put up road blocks for anything that has to do with guns
        the whole board members are all democrats thats how it was set up

        and no one can question them

    19. This is what I can find as of yet… I too have been in board review status for over 7 months. Calls to Illinois State Police are a complete waste of time… I am a NRA and a ILRA member in which both entities have yet to take action on this evident abuse of our 2nd amendment by these board officials. ..The following link has the names of the new appointed board that was chosen by our Governor of Illinois… I’m sure further searching will render additional information on these individuals in regards to contact information.. Click or copy and paste the link below and please share any additional information with the rest of us. Thank you.


    20. I applied for my ccl in June 2015, don’t remember the exact day. I keep getting those damn letters saying the board needs another 30 days. I thought the elapsed time was 120 day? I don’t have no serious arrest on my record last time was over 10 years ago. I also have a valid FOID card, I already bought a 9mm so what is the hold up?????????

    21. I’ve been under board review since June of 2015. I get a letter every month that says an objection was raised from a law enforcement agency. I paid all my fees and took my classes. I have no criminal convictions on my record at all. No DUI’s, and a valid FOID card. Has anyone joined in a class action lawsuit against the state about this ?

    22. What ccl board of review is doing to me is,they just keep sending letters telling me over and over;that the board is still reviewing. This has been going on for at least seven months,what do you do when they just won’t give you any answer?

    23. I had a DUI Over 6 years ago and applied for my CCL one year to soon. I was denied so I waited the extra year and appealed for my CCL again . I emailed ISP and I received an email from ISP that stated I should have not been denied in the first place the court did not order treatment and my appeal has been started and they were unable to give a date as to when I would receive my CCL. Since then I have been under review for four months. I looked again today-still under review. I emailed to the ISP to find out why it was still under review. The email I received this time stated in 2008 I was denied for a DUI and they would let me know in good time of there determination. They have no reason to hold my CCL. Can they keep playing god over us or can we at least sue the state for rights violation’s . CCL from everything I have read it is a shall issue order. Is there any origination I can contact for help on this ? Its like saying . We got your money now get lost.

    24. Hey everyone,

      thank you for all of your posts. This is the first post I’ve ever made and it’s only because Illinois sucks.

      I received the 30 day extension letter more than 30 days ago. I’ve never been arrested….ever. My ex filed an order of protection when we were going through our divorce about 5 1/2/ years ago, but we didn’t even go in the court room. We signed a statement that we’ll get a long.. So there was no order of protection.

      Why can’t we get everyone on this list and do something? Is there an attorney that can go to court on behalf of all of us? I absolutely hate the state we’re in. They should have done the application process first and if you pass, go on to take the 16 hour course. It’s ridiculous that they take your money and disappear and no way to confront them. Best of luck to each of you.

      1. I totally agree with you Brad W. Maybe if we can start a petition or something. I’m sick of waiting on these people. Its simple, either Yes or No! What are you investigating that takes months to figure out on a person who does not have a record or any history of violence. This CCL is strictly for protection and essentially, they are putting us in a tough spot by not allowing us to have what is allowed to us. And honestly, to take our money first, then deny is exactly what we should expect from CrOOKed County!

    25. Hello all,

      Reading all of your comments have been both informative & frustrating. I’m also happy to see that we (my dad & I) aren’t the only ones being played with by Illinois.

      In my case, I’ve been receiving the “need 30 more days” notice from the board since Dec 2015. I’ve been receiving these letters every month after that. I do not have a record. I did not do the fingerprint stuff.

      In my Dad case, they said he didn’t have sufficient funds even tho he has proof that the money was taking from his account. He has heard back from them since.

      There has to be something we can do to expedite the process, or someone we can call on the board to answer any questions they may have about our application.

      Can anyone think of anything we can do to figure this out? How can we setup a court day for this?

      1. 42 USC section 1983 provides a federal cause of action for violation of an individual’s civil rights under color of state law. Why don’t you consider a class action suit on that basis?

        1. I’ve totally thought about this. I just don’t know how/where to start. I figure this type of situation will take a very long time and I was hoping to expedite my situation. I’ll have to learn more about how to file a class action sut. Thanks for the info.

    26. I to got told my payment wasn’t received but I got the receipt for it I’m my email so I got denied, then I paid again and haven’t heard anything since this all started day after valentine’s day. I asked about the resisting a peace officer and was told only if it was a felony they would deni you I’ve bought 3 guns in 2016 so far and have my foid card, but my brother did his back when this CCl started and got approved and has more tickets than anyone I no this state is the worst it’s no wonder so many are moving out

    27. Hello again everyone…….I’m not sure if any of you are members of the ISRA Illinois State Rifle Association http://www.isra.org/ or not, but I am. I wanted to keep you all posted because I’m tired of the crap the review board in Illinois is putting all of us through. Below is a rather stern ( I feel lol) email I sent them on behalf of everyone on this thread. I also have no clue how to get things going, but I just received my second 30 day extention to review an objection from the state. Ridiculous. Anyways, below is the email I sent. If I get a reply, I’ll post it for all of you.
      To whom it may concern,

      As an ISRA member, I’m asking for your help for all Illinois Concealed Carry applicants who have been lied to.

      I took my concealed carry class in December, paid for the application, paid for the fingerprinting and now there’s an objection that’s holding it up. I HAVE NEVER been in trouble with the law. I have no clue who to go to, but I know there are hundreds if not thousands of people in Illinois who are in the same situation. It’s completely unfair for our government to do this to law abiding citizens, who pay their taxes AND paid the state for our concealed carry permits. I have just received a second letter from the Illinois State Police who now need another 30 days to review the objection.

      That being said, I included a link to a blog that I came across. There’s ton’s of Illinois residents going through the same thing as myself. Is there any noise you can make on our behalf or find out what the heck is going on?

      I am posting this same email that you’re receiving, on this site. Being a member of your organization and what you stand for, I expect a response from you on how you can help. If I can’t get a response, you will receive no future donations from me to your organization. I’m also suggesting everyone on Ammoland.com to do the same.

      I apologize if this comes as rude, but we’re getting screwed in Illinois and I pay your organization money to go to bat for us.

      None of us on this blog care about being able to carry on a train or in a park considering we can’t carry at all. Let’s start there before fighting about where we can carry a firearm.


      Brad Wasserman

      1. Brad,

        You are the man for this email!! Thanks for posting this! Hopefully you will get lucky, and receive some feedback for all of us! Thanks again man!

      2. Brad,

        Thanks for that email. I applied for my ccl June of 2015 and still receiving notices that the board needs another 30 days. I have a valid food, I just don’t understand

    28. I called the state Rep for Lasalle county and even they are trying to get the isp to give a valid reason why there taking so long I told them about all the issues on here and that nobody really gets a reason, just a extention letter. Tomorrow the state Rep is going to call them and try to get a better answer and call me back I’ll update then it’s getting to be bs for us all

    29. This is my 2nd post, I applied for my ccl in june of 2015. I’m still receiving the board needs 30 days to review. I feel this is all bull crap!!!!! I’m not a felon I already have a valid foid card. I emailed the Illinois state police and they said its out of there hands. I just don’t understand on the ISP website it says that after 120 days under review if no decision has been made they will prepare and send out your ccl, so how long does it really take? Anybody got answers please reply….

    30. I am on my 9th month of continuous review,without any answer;what are we suppose to do if we keep getting a review letter over and over.

    31. I have received 6 30days letter of the Same bullsh*t been under review for over a year in a half smh head I wish I can just get my money back cuz as of now I really don’t care I have guns I am a valid foid card holders so if they feel I shouldn’t have a concealed carry why do I have a foid card just bull sh*t.

    32. Hello everyone, I applied for my ccl June 2015, since then I keep receiving letters that the board needs additional 30 days to review. I’ve contacted the Illinois state police and they keep telling me they can’t do anything about it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    33. I have worked federal,state city and they still for the last 10 months say they need 30 more days ;illinois is the only state that does this.I have worked ccw,and non ccw and I am now working the same way;its mostly racism in illinois I know that and I will continue to fight no matter what this state try.

    34. This is bs with this isp i been having a foid for over 15 years and im under board reviews with no answers what could i do?

    35. I applied on March 27th, 2015. It has been almost a year and a half and every month I receive a letter from the Illinois State Police stating ” In reviewing your application for a Concealed Carry License, the Illinois State Police received an objection to your eligibility from a law enforcement agency. Pursuant to 430 ILCS 65/15 (a), the objection has been submitted to the Conceal Carry Licensing Review Board. The Board has notified the Department that it needs an additional 30 days to issue a decisin. You will be notified once a decision has been made by the board.”

      I’ve served in the US Military for 15 years. I’m also currently licensed to carry as an armed guard in the State of Illinois. I have no criminal background felony or misdemeanor. I’ve called the number supplied with the letter (217) 782-7980 but to no avail.

    36. Just to clarify . Resisting arrest is cause for an objection to your permit . My guess would be the agency you were arrested by made the objection . Which the board may use to disqualify you based upon what they call preponderance of the evidence .

      Now that that’s out of the way. I applied for my permit over a year ago . So those of you who are on your second letter from the ISP you only have about twelve more to go . I don’t have a criminal background at all and have been applying for positions in law enforcement . I’m also a honorably discharged veteran .

      Just a few weeks ago I received my 14th letter from ISP . I assumed it said the same as the rest and to be honest I don’t really care anymore . With recent events maybe the state has reconsidered it’s position and has come to the conclusion that good people with firearms properly trained isn’t a bad thing .

      Those of you from the Chicago area will understand for sure . Someone mentioned this is a race issue I assume you sir this is false . As I’m a white guy and unless they’re racist against Italians that isn’t the case .

      Anyway my most recent letter states ” In reviewing your application for a Concealed Carry License , the Illinois State Police received an objection to your eligibility from a Law Endorcement Agency . The objection was submitted to the Concealed Carry LIcensing Review Board . The board has notified the Department that it has determined by a preponderance of the evidence that you do not pose a danger to yourself or others / are not a threat to public safety , and are , therefore , eligible for a Concealed Carry License . The Illinois State Police will resume the processing of your application .

      Illinois State Police
      Firearm Services Bureau

      And by the way the political make up of the board is Republican and Democrat . It took them 14 months but they did do right by me . Be patient don’t call the State Police stay off the website and just wait .

      Believe me I understand all your frustration better than anyone . This is just political red tape and nonsense . So just hang tough and don’t sweat it there’s a light at the end of the tunnel I promise .

      1. My application been under board review since November 2014 for me still no answer I have received so many letter need 30 more days smh I lost count I really don’t care anymore if I get it I get it back to work

    37. I received my Concealed Carry License . So once you get that letter . Your License will arrive promptly afterward . Did a little research and it appears that the Cook County Sheriff has the most objections to licenses .

      Let’s hope the sheriff is aware that his is an elected poisition . I say next election the good people of cook county show the Sheriff that we will not support an anti gun law enforcement officer in the county which has the city with the most murders in the country .72 homicides in June . Where the heck is Sheriff Dave Clarke when you need him . I’ve already written a letter to Mr. Dart stating he will never get another vote from me or any 2nd amendment supporter in Cook County . Good luck to you all and several review board members are pro gun .

    38. Illinois,a real firearms owners paradise ! Tell them son of a bitches to Fu*ck Off and move to a FREE STATE !

    39. Those anybody know a law firm that could help me out with being on under board of review for the last 8 months?

    40. I have been under board review for over a year and some months. This is crazy. Every 30 days I keep getting these letters stating that the board needs an additional 30 days. Is there something I can do? Please advise?

    41. Okay, ladies and gentleman, if you really want to force Illinois hand it takes thousands of complaints.My CC objection has been since October 1,2015.The asshole responsible is Cook county Sheriff Tom Dart. He has 27 people reviewing every CC application and objects to trivial nonsense ! He is without a doubt violating Federal Law but the one the Feds will handle is the { Police Misconduct Statute }.There are over 5700 objections pending as of today October 17,2016.I am personally going to sue him as Sheriff and individually for a large dollar amount next week.I am no lawyer but I have enough knowledge to get my case in front of a jury.This is a shall issue not may issue State ! His bullshit of a danger to our self or others does not fly.If that is the case we should all be forced to turn in our D.L.because we may be driving drunk and kill someone ! Big numbers get Results,take 15 minutes get the form and file the { Police Misconduct Statute } Complaint. Strength in numbers !!

      If you would like to file a complaint alleging violations of the Police Misconduct Statute, Title VI, or the OJP Program Statute, you may send a written complaint to:

      Coordination and Review Section
      Civil Rights Division
      U.S. Department of Justice
      P.O. Box 66560
      Washington, D.C. 20035-6560

      You may also call the Coordination and Review Section’s toll-free number for information and a complaint form, at (888) 848-5306 (voice and TDD).

    42. My name is Fred Squires I live in Springfield Illinois I went back about 2014 to get my concealed carry license I did my 16 hours of classes everything went well until they started sending me letters saying they need another 30 days it finally came down to it they denied me after a year and almost a half of another year I have some rental properties and how this all started I had a young man that I had to evict once I told him he was getting evicted 2 days later I had a visit from the police County Sheriff here in Springfield Illinois he brought paperwork up to me he says to me you have been served in then opened it up I just couldn’t believe what I was reading the young man that I had evicted from my property he actually put six gun violence charges against me and didn’t know where that was coming from I went ahead and went to court. I won in court because it was lack of evidence on his behalf they asked him if he ever called the cops and he said no they asked why and he says he didnt think he had to. It just didn’t make sense to me because now they are saying I’m a danger to myself and others they will not give me my concealed carry license what baffles me is that I’ve spent over $2,000 to keep myself out of this trouble that this young man’s put me through and still to no avail haven’t received my license yet I have to go to court on January 27th of 2017 to fight them again on my concealed carry license I’ve got a feeling that they’re not going to give them to me I have never ever been arrested never been in trouble with the law I’m 51 years old and I don’t know what to do please any help thank you

    43. I completed my class in mid Feb 2017, today April 3rd there was an update to the site that reads “Under Board Review” and wanted to know if the issues in 2014,2015, and 2016 are still happening.

      1. I am still fighting the concealed carry board they are going off of what the young man said about me in court even though I was found not guilty I still have to prove in a court of law to the concealed carry board that I’m not guilty I think it has a lot to do with money. I went to court about 3 weeks ago and the judge tells me I have to write a memorandum of law this is the only thing I have to do. So I talked to my lawyer and he says that it may get very expensive. He says that it takes time to write a memorandum it could cost me anywhere from 2 to 10 thousand dollars to have this done. I’m kind of at a loss. If it’s only been 3 months for you it will probably be fine as long as you haven’t had any misdameners or felonys against you. my son did get his concealed carry and they sent him the same letters for about 4 or 5 months after the classes.

        1. It’s kind of scary reading all theses horror stories. I did prints not sure if that helps or not. I was arrested when I was 18 for theft (fuses from a junk yard) however, It was removed if I did community service. Who knows……

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