Did Illinois Concealed Carry Review Board Deny Your Carry License?

Illinois Concealed Carry License Denied
Illinois Concealed Carry License Denied

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- Hundreds of individuals who applied for an IL Concealed Carry License were denied by the Concealed Carry License Review Board without the board offering an opportunity for applicants to address the board or offer evidence on their own behalf.

Letters went out to applicants informing them they denied because the board determined they were a danger to themselves or others but did not state what circumstances or evidence was used as a basis for these denials.

Some denials have even been proven to be cases of mistaken identity.

IllinoisCarry, on behalf of our members, is a plaintiff in a legal challenge against the Concealed Carry License Review Board for denying licenses to individuals without due process.

We want to be prepared with a list of our member or supporters who were denied if and when the court requires us to provide it. If you have been denied without any notification of the nature of the objections or an opportunity to respond to the board on your own behalf, please reply to this email alert with the following info:

  • Name
  • Address on license application
  • License application number
  • Date of denial letter
  • If applicable, court and case number of individual case challenging denial

A copy or scan of the denial letter you received would be ideal, as it would contain most of the relevant information. Please understand we may need to provide this information to the State and/or the court and identify you as members of Illinois Carry, as this may be necessary to the extent you may want to share in any relief that the court orders in our case.

If the court rules in our favor, it will be entirely up to each member whether they want to participate in the ruling.

Thank you,
Valinda Rowe
IllinoisCarry.com spokesperson

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois. Visit www.IllinoisCarry.com

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      1. I never did receive my concealed carry because i had a young man lie on the stand saying i held him at gun point. He took me to court just because i evicted him from my rental property. He told me if i loose my home you will lose your gun license and he was rite. i did loose them for a month but did get them back so i tried for my concealed carry and was denied just because of what he said in court. The review board said i was a danger to my self and others around me. The thing is that i have never been arrested or in jail or never been convicted of any crime and only have had one ticket in my whole life the justice system is only for the criminals good luck to you you will need it

    1. I have gotten five letters from the Illinois State Police stating that there was an objection to my eligibility from a law enforcement agency. But no further information still says it’s under Board review whenever I go to ISP website. Has this happened to anyone else?

      1. i applied for my CCL in January, basically i should have got it in may, i got put under board review, it is now October 13th 2017…. I have now waited a extra 5 months to hear anything and still nothing, just letter, after letter, after letter. you are not alone, were all getting screwed little by little

        1. I applied in August; it went under board review less than a month later. It’s been so since. I have received NO letters of any kind. Any suggestions?

    2. I completed my class in mid Feb 2017, today April 3rd there was an update to the site that reads “Under Board Review” and wanted to know if the issues in 2014,2015, and 2016 are still happening.

      1. I am still fighting the concealed carry board they are going off of what the young man said about me in court even though I was found not guilty I still have to prove in a court of law to the concealed carry board that I’m not guilty I think it has a lot to do with money. I went to court about 3 weeks ago and the judge tells me I have to write a memorandum of law this is the only thing I have to do. So I talked to my lawyer and he says that it may get very expensive. He says that it takes time to write a memorandum it could cost me anywhere from 2 to 10 thousand dollars to have this done. I’m kind of at a loss. If it’s only been 3 months for you it will probably be fine as long as you haven’t had any misdameners or felonys against you. my son did get his concealed carry and they sent him the same letters for about 4 or 5 months after the classes.

        1. It’s kind of scary reading all theses horror stories. I did prints not sure if that helps or not. I was arrested when I was 18 for theft (fuses from a junk yard) however, It was removed if I did community service. Who knows……

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