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DeKalb, Illinois –-(  J.W. Ramp rejoins Reed for this week’s episode of the AR-15 Podcast covering the importance, and the various types of lubrication.

The guys start off with a tip of the week that is as much for the podcast’s faithful listeners as it is for the staff; please provide specifics with constructive criticisms for the show. The AR-15 Podcast and The Firearms Radio Network welcome listener feedback in their mission to bring listeners the best show possible, so if there’s something to say, be exacting in detail so improvements can be made.

This week’s topic is essential for firearms of all kinds, regardless of brand or model, to keep the weapon running properly and protect it from the elements. Many modern sporting rifles have coated metal parts where friction is high, but lubricant is still recommended any time that metal rubs on metal.

That said, what are the preferred products to keep your rifle in good working order? Reed and Anthony have an impressive combined experience with many of them, and they weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of their favorites. Additionally, they cover some of the most basic and common products like Hoppe’s No. 9  and CLP. Anecdotal observations about non traditional lubricants from other shooters is also examined, such as standard motor oil. Is it safe? Will it destroy the finish?

Aside from what products to use, Reed and Anthony provide some visual aid in the show notes about where to apply these essential products. Check out the diagram, courtesy of, and see the more crucial areas that require lubrication.

Tune in to learn how to enter the Brownells sponsored rifle giveaway! Check out the show notes to view the parts sponsored by Brownellsto build the upper and lower receiver so far.

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Thanks for sharing this mate.


SEAL1 is the only one I use. Edged, black powder, hand gun or rifle.