Zeroing Your Black Rifle, AR-15 Podcast 088

Episode 88:  – Zeroing Your Black Rifle

Sighting your Ar-15
Sighting your Ar-15
AR-15 Podcast
AR-15 Podcast

DeKalb, Illinois –-(  The AR-15 Podcast has a full compliment of hosts this week as J.W. Ramp and Anthony Hardy both join Reed in studio for Episode 88.

This week, the guys follow up with the segment on accurizing the AR platform with a full episode on the most important accurizing activity–zeroing. Some who are just starting out in the world of firearms are surprised to learn that bullets don’t travel in a straight line, but rather in curves and arcs to compensate for a host of forces acting upon them, including gravity.

The hosts begin with some basic terminology to bring novice listeners up to speed. Terms like “Point of aim,” “Point of Impact,” and “Aperture” are covered explained.

Accuracy of your shooting can depend on a variety of things, and so can your zero. Some of the things discussed are ammunition type. Another prominent consideration for zeroing is determining its purpose. Are you competing with your rifle or fighting with it? That consideration is key in determining how each shooter will adjust the rifle. Once determined, the next most important consideration is, what are you zeroing? Are you using iron sights, long range scope, or some sort of medium range optic? Reed, J.W., and Anthony also delve into the three main methodologies of zeroing the rifle as well as

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