Franklin Armory F17-LTM

Quality firearm maker, Franklin Armory launches production of the world’s first gas piston semiautomatic rimfire, the F17-L™ chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum!

Franklin Armory F17-LTM Rifle
The highly anticipated Franklin Armory F17-LTM is now officially available.
Franklin Armory
Franklin Armory

MORGAN HILL, Calif., – -( Franklin Armory, maker of quality MSR firearms, announced today that their F 17-L chambered .17 Winchester Super Magnum will begin immediate shipment on August 20, 2014.

Compared to the 5.56 NATO cartridge, the .17 WSM obtains similar velocities with long range accuracy that most varmint hunting and target shooting enthusiasts desire.

The addition of a brand new gas piston system, developed in partnership with Osprey Defense, adds increased reliability and decreases cleaning requirements.  Because the .17 WSM is a rimfire cartridge, it is not classified as an “Assault Rifle” in most states.  In California, the F17-L is distributed with a standard magazine release button!

The Franklin Armory F 17-L platform is based on a traditional modern sporting rifle with a few key distinctions.  The rifle’s buffer was custom made to match the lighter recoil and shorter stroke length of the .17 WSM.

The patent pending bolt carrier group is based on the original Eugen Stoner design of a rotating locking bolt, but is cut differently to facilitate the custom sized magazine feed lips and the pistol length gas piston system.  The carrier is also notched to have a fully functional forward assist.  The Free float, tripod mountable handguard has provisions for installing a bipod stud and Magpul M-LOK accessories.


  • 20” Heavy Full Contour with 11 Degree Target Crown and  Recessed Muzzle, 1/9 Inch Twist, Salt Bath Nitride Chamber, Bore, & Finish, and Chambered in .17 WSM
  • Matching Franklin Armory Libertas Billet Upper and Lower Receiver
  • Fully Functioning Forward Assist
  • Patent Pending Custom Designed 17 WSM Bolt Carrier Group
  • Custom  Osprey Defense Gas Piston System
  • Franklin Armory Custom Tuned Trigger
  • TML-12 Handguard
  • Custom 17 WSM 10 Round Magazine
  • MSRP $1999.99


Every firearm produced at our facility in Morgan Hill, California is made with 100% American made parts & materials!  To learn more about the F17-L or to locate a Franklin Armory dealer, please visit

Franklin Armory F17-LTM Rifle
Franklin Armory F17-LTM Rifle
  • 5 thoughts on “Franklin Armory F17-LTM

    1. 2k may buy a fairly nice AR, and a nice optic, but not both. “Top of the line” optics are 2k alone, as well as most “nice” ARs. This is a custom built AR platform rifle, with proprietary custom machined billet magazines and a very nice trigger; as well as an excellent BCG. $1999 is MSRP but it can be found for less, which I consider a very reasonable price. I personally own this complete firearm and can vouch for its quality, accuracy, and reliability.

      If the 2k price tag scares you away and you have an AR platform rifle or a complete lower assembly, Franklin also offers an upper assembly chambered in 17 WSM. Again i can say that the barrel is very well made and accurate. The machining on every part of the rifle is top notch. Very nice product from Franklin Armory and in my humble opinion a great value.

    2. This is the right gun for area’s that limit hunting to rim fire. I am hunting in such an area and love this rifle! Nice trigger, great groups to date sans have not had the best conditions to shot in. AR 223 sits in safe until trips well North!!

    3. And once again a rifle made for the selected few, $2000 is way beyond most people’s budget, for 2 grand I could buy a very nice AR-15 and a top of the line scope.

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