Freedom Triumphs – Sheriff David Clarke Wins Primary

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.
Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-( Greetings in Freedom,

Over a year ago, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke released a series of common sense public service announcements about personal safety and in doing so, took a bold and controversial public stance in support of something that shouldn’t have been so bold and controversial.

  • It should’t be bold nor controversial to support an individuals human right to self-defense.
  • It shouldn’t be bold nor controversial to suggest that people have a duty to protect themselves and their families.
  • It shouldn’t be bold nor controversial to support the freedoms guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment of our constitution.

Every elected official swears an oath to uphold the constitution. What does it say about our government, when other elected officials who swore the same oath, find speaking about the constitution publicly so offensive?

The fact that a common sense constitutionally affirmed concept, coming from the mouth of an elected official, Sheriff Clarke, who’s job description revolves around law and order and public safety, WAS controversial and went viral nationally shows you how far the public sentiment among a *portion* of this country’s population has slipped into dependence and ignorance.

Sheriff Clarke didn’t stop there. His support of the 2nd Amendment was hailed by freedom-minded self-reliant Americans, and demonized by heartless anti-gun elitists who would have your RIGHT to life be entirely dependent on government. The same heartless anti-gun elitists would rather have you die waiting for 911 and police to come save you, than exercise your moral authority to use the greatest self-defense tool in the history of mankind, a gun, to protect yourself from repeat violent criminals that *these* *very* *same* heartless anti-gun elitists and *their* softer than soft on crime policies put right back on the streets to terrorize, murder, rape, and assault the law-abiding.

Sheriff Clarke didn’t stop by encouraging people to protect themselves, though that alone was plenty to enrage the heartless big-government establishment. He went on to tell the truth about crime and punishment (or lack of) in Milwaukee. He took all that he had learned over the past 30 years in law-enforcement and did something the big-government anti-freedom establishment in Milwaukee found even more offensive. He used his national platform and exposed their phony excuses for “crime policy”. He told the truth, and in doing so, demonstrated the EPIC FAILURE of big city politics when it comes to public safety.

You see, crime in Milwaukee would just be crime in Milwaukee if not for the fact that the impotent talking head politicians in Milwaukee use the backdrop of a crime-scene to stand behind podiums for press conferences and blame your right to carry for their failure to deal with crime. Its absolutely shameful… and Sheriff Clarke knew it, and he said it. He told the truth… …and the truth posses a catastrophic threat to an entire political philosophy these heartless politicians live and get elected based on.

Their existence was threatened, and they knew it.

A couple weeks ago, I suggested that this race was one of the most important races in the country for gun rights. Sheriff Clarke put his career and job on the line by supporting the 2nd Amendment AND telling the truth about crime in Milwaukee over the last couple years. A loss would scare every pro-gun politician across the country, in areas where being pro-gun isn’t apropos, back into the closet. A victory would represent a breakthrough moment in the regional and national discussion when it comes to self-defense, and public safety.

If anyone scoffed at my contention this race was the most important in the country when it came to gun rights and freedom, the nearly 3/4 of a million dollars that was thrown into the race launching attack ads against Sheriff Clarke a few days later from state and national anti-gun, anti-freedom groups was proof positive. Anti-gun former New York Mayor Bloomberg himself threw over $150,000 in attack ads against Sheriff Clarke.

On Tuesday August 12th the people of Milwaukee County, bolstered by the encouragement and efforts of people ALL across this state and all across this country, proved that freedom in the hands of millions can trump the power and money of the anti-gun political elites in this country. Usually, the most money wins elections, but not yesterday.

To everyone who made a donation, shared your support of Sheriff Clarke: on social media, with friends, co-workers, relatives… Or if you live in Milwaukee County and went out to vote for freedom yesterday, thank-you for all you have done. Freedom begets Freedom, and Sheriff Clarke’s victory will have an effect far beyond the borders of Milwaukee County.

The fight is not over. If we know anything about the anti-gun, anti-freedom crowd, its that they are relentless. They will regroup, they will continue to attack freedom.

I do hope that today, you take a moment to smile, take a deep breath, and take in the smell of freedom in the air. Know the role you played in making this victory for freedom possible, and know that in the future, your efforts can lead to continued victories for freedom.

Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
[email protected]

Nik Clark Chairman – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
P.O. Box 270403
Milwaukee, WI 53227
[email protected]

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