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Concealed Carrie
Concealed Carrie
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USA – -( Catch up with Gun Girl Radio hosts Randi Rogers and Julie Golob as they chat about the busy summer.

Then Julie interviews Leslie Deets, the founder of Concealed Carrie, a company that offers women a way to safely secure their firearm without sacrificing fashion.

After developing Sharp Shooters USA, a female friendly gun store and range in the Atlanta area, Leslie Deets began taking shooting classes. Shooting with other women, she quickly discovered a need for purses that safely concealed firearms with an updated look. The goal was to create a line of fashionable and fabulous purses for women.

It’s not just about the fashion either. Leslie explains how all Concealed Carrie handbags are ambidextrous.

“All firearms are stored in a separate compartment that is accessible to both right and left handed shooters in an adjustable Velcro holster that adapts to any size firearm. Special design focus ensures that the main compartment is not compromised leaving women plenty of space that is also enhanced with the numerous pockets and dividers that you’d expect.”

Julie and Leslie discuss how, for some women, off-the-body carry in a purse is the most practical and effective way for them to carry concealed.  Where carrying on the body is more secure, many women are not comfortable with body holsters. It may result in them choosing not carry their firearm, hence leaving them unprotected.

Concealed Carrie launched  with the Classic Carrie line featuring all leather products. With innovation key to this company’s growth they expanded with a lighter weight and less expensive solution with the addition of Microfiber and Casual Carrie products.  The newest addition of compacts offer grab and go convenience.  Addressing the woman athlete and outdoor enthusiast look for Carrie’s Closet, an athletic shirt that is specifically designed for a women and allows for a firearm to be worn discreetly and safely while exercising.

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Alaska allows any number of concealed firearms , but large knives might get you arrested. A purse may also be argued as open carry as it can function as a holster.

ray hampton

carry a pistol in a purse DO NOT mean that you can not own a second back-up and conceal it on your body

DJ Sullivan

Though I am not a female, I think carrying a concealed weapon in a purse is not a good idea. After all, how many victims of “Purse-Snatching” do we know/hear about?
For ones own protection, a concealed weapon should be carried on ones body.
I hope I have not insulted anyone.