Home Invader that Assaults Woman & 11-Year-Old Boy, Kills Family Dog, Shot Dead

By AWR Hawkins

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Home Invader Assaults Woman & 11-Year-Old Boy, Kills Family Dog, Then Gets Shot Dead
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On August 22 2014 an armed home invader who allegedly forced his way into a Darlington County, South Carolina home and killed the family dog, “physically assaulted” a woman, “and struck an 11-year-old boy on the head with a gun” was then shot and killed by the male homeowner.

The Darlington County coroner identified the deceased home invader as 25-year-old Marquis Benjamin.

According to News Channel 15, Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd says Benjamin had an accomplice in the invasion and “deputies arrested a second suspect, Brandon Lunn, hours after the burglary” took place.

Bryd said a male “homeowner was in a back room asleep [when the invasion took place] and woke up to all the commotion.” He retrieved his gun, came out of the back room, and “fired several shots at the suspects.” The intruders fled and deputies discovered Benjamin's body “in a field about 75 yards from the house.”

WMBF News reports that Benjamin allegedly shot and killed the family dog during the invasion.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Home Invader that Assaults Woman & 11-Year-Old Boy, Kills Family Dog, Shot Dead

    1. The intruders were Blacks, how about the family?
      I’m thinking they were Black also…..
      So, No racial problem. Thankfully, SC citizens can protect themselves, while Prog states like IL,NY,NJ,CT,MD,CA and DC are actually Racist in leaving Black Citizens unarmed, while criminals are armed.

    2. These are the types of things that need to be put down, attacking people just because they think they can, well this thug got what he deserved a brand new hole. The problem with thugs like these is they go in the first thing they do is kill the family dog beat up a child and assault the women in the house, the name says it all The MAN sleeping in the back room did what anyone else would have done he put an end to this thugs run, and put at least one hole in the thug.

    3. Justice was served. The dog was not just a pet it was a family member. If this went to court maybe some public defender would get the guy off on some technicality.

    4. Rusty, thanks for the report. I’m not exactly holding my breath waiting for the LameStream Enemedia to give this Second Amendment success story any coverage, though…

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